College: I Want To Go To There

I am literally counting down the days until I head back to school (30 and a half, baby!). I miss red Solo cups, beer pong, and (although I hate to admit it) the cliche frat guys who are always down for an ice luge and day drinking.

As Asher Roth says (to a very nice beat), I love college. And I think all of you will agree with my reasons for wanting to get back to the leisurely life of football games, parties, boys, and, um, oh yeah, classes.

My Girls: I know back in the day college was often considered the place women went to find their husbands, but for me, it’s all about my girls.  I haven’t found my groom in college, but I’ve definitely found my bridesmaids and I can’t wait to be back under one roof with all of them.

One Nighters: In the city, the typical morning-after walk of shame becomes a cab of shame and that just costs more. Not to mention the increased creepy factor when you go home with a randar in the city and have to use Google Maps to find your way home. But on campus? I’m only a few blocks from my bed and have some (albeit long and random) connection to the boy at hand….or mouth. See? Not so random, after all. 

Football Games: Tailgating, drinking before noon, shotgunning, stuffing your face with hot dogs, and having this all be socially acceptable? Only in college.

Free Condoms!: That’s right,  I said free. Most college Student Health Centers supply students with a limited supply of condoms each semester with just the show of your student ID card. Most importantly for us ladies, you can often get your birth control at a cheaper rate, too.

No Parents: Going home of the summer sounds nice… at first.  Then your parents start asking questions like “where are you going?” “Where have you been?” or “What time will you be home?”  After living away from home with no rules and no one to answer to, parents seem worse then they did in high school.

Less Money: Is it just me, or am I spending more money now that I have an unpaid internship? Vacations, bars, cabs, and covers have me breaking the bank. Get me back to free beer and cheap dinners.

Keg Stands: We’re in college, we’re smart, and we like to get things done efficiently.

Jungle Juice: The original recipe remains a mystery to most, but who cares what’s in it when you’re chugging it? I’ll trade in my Cosmopolitan or Martini for Jungle Juice in a red cup any day.

T-shirt and Jeans: This staple college uniform requires little effort and yields maximum comfort. No need for heels or a tight dress on a night out.  Just slip on your jeans, flip flops, and feel free to get crazy.

Sleeping In: If, like most experienced college students, you’ve mastered the art of class scheduling, then there is no way you’re up before 10 am or required in a classroom more than 3 days a week.  College is on a completely different schedule than the real world of 7 am alarms and 5 day work weeks and I want that schedule back, dammit.

OMG, just writing this is making me drool. I’m gonna go flip through my FB photo albums and cry myself to sleep. College, I miss you.

Why can’t you wait to get back to school? Or are you dreading it?

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