Let It Rock: Sometimes I Surprise Myself

This week might be the most random mix of reviews ever. Seriously, ever. I even surprised myself a bit.

I was ready to love who I already loved and hate who I wanted to hate, but that’s not at all what happened. The one album I was most excited for fell flat. And the one I barely even wanted to listen to (and would rather throw out my window) I kinda liked. A little too much. To the point where I had to force myself to turn it off.

I’m going to warn you right now: don’t listen to Ashley Tisdale if you aren’t into Disney pop music. Because you’ll probably end up enjoying it. And then feeling pretty embarrassed. Especially when you can’t get enough and want to blast it from your car and the people who pull up next to you can hear it…and judge you.

Modest Mouse- No One’s First and You’re Next

If there was an award for best album title’s ever (is there??), modest Mouse would win by a long-shot. With album names like Good News for People Who Love Bad News, This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About, and Building Something Out of Nothing, Modest Mouse’s new album certainly fits in with their trend of awesome names. It’s called No One’s First and You’re Next and I’ve already played it about 50 million times. I always refer to Modest Mouse as an acquired taste; a band you might hate the first time you hear them. I know I tried to like them at first, but just couldn’t. And then one day I heard “Float On” and I sort of fell in love. And now, the first time I heard this new album, I loved it, solidifying in my mind that I am now a true Modest Mouse fan.

The album is actually a collection of previously released B-side and A-side tracks, but since I’m not a crazy obsessed Modest Mouse fan (yet), I haven’t heard any of them. It’s kind of a big jumble of music and you can tell it’s an EP, rather than being a full album. But I kind of like that. I can’t even pick a favorite song, but I have to say I absolutely love the build up that “The Whale Song” brings and can’t help but wonder if the lyrics are referencing Modest Mouse’s launch into fame and desire to go back to the way it was. Other definite listen-tos? “Satellite Skin” and “Autumn Beds,” but I really do enjoy the whole album. And I sincerely wish it was much longer than 8 tracks.

Howling Bells- Radio Wars

Howling Bells was completely new to me this week. I thought I would like them more than I actually do, mostly because I heard they’ve played along with bands that I adore, like The Killers, Coldplay, and Snow Patrol. And I’m not saying I don’t like them, – I’m just saying  they were a little too “whiney girls singing” for my tastes.

I do kind of like “It Ain’t You” because it seemed to be pretty happy and upbeat. Maybe the only the only happy and upbeat sound on the whole album. I also enjoyed “Nightingale,” because I love the clapping in the background, making it probably the most interesting song of all. I found “Let’s Be Kids Again” to be a bit blah, but I did kinda, sorta love the lyrics: “Let’s be kids again/Life was so simple then/Let’s be kids again…We don’t wanna know about this currency/We don’t wanna know about this 9-5/Just a simple life/Can you picture this/We don’t wanna hear about your policies/We don’t wanna live up to these expectations/A childlike dreal/Yeah you know what I mean.” Ok, so they totally get what I’m feelin’ right now…but I’m just not sure I want them to sing to me about it.

Ashley Tisdale- Guilty Pleasure

Let me first be clear about one thing: I am not a fan of High School Musical. In fact, I haven’t seen a single one of the movies. I do think Zac Efron is kind of cute, but that’s beside the point. And he’s much too young for me, anyway.

Like most people over the age of 9, I think it’s pretty ridiculous that so many of the High School Musical stars are coming out with their own albums. Really? Because I want to listen to Disney music, right? Then I saw a few interviews with Ashley Tisdale and I started to kind of like her. So, sue me. She’s a cute girl with a nice personality. And much more adult than I thought she was. Then I saw her perform “It’s Alright, It’s OK” and I really kind of enjoyed it. So I gave her a listen. And you know what? Her album is called Guilty Pleasure, and I can totally see why.

I think she’s kind of my new guilty pleasure. And I think the girl can totally move beyond the whole Disney stigma one day. I mean, her music is a bit racey. Maybe I’m totally out of line of here, but doesn’t “Masquerade” totally sound like it’s about role-playing? Yup. I’m in love with the song “Hot Mess,” and its totally PG-13 lyrics: “I’m such a hot mess/With you/I never knew/Never knew it could be so fun/It’s true/I was such a good girl before you came along/But you’re so racy/You’re my new favorite guy/So unruly/So uncivilized.” Doesn’t really sound like lyrics coming from a Disney star does it? And “Delete You” is the perfect song for 2009! We all have guys we need to delete. Not to mention there’s a song called “Hair.” That’s all about a guy running his fingers through her hair so she feels like “a sexy superstar.” It’s the most ridiculous song ever: “I like what you do to my hair. Who knew that looking a mess could feel so good?” OK, honestly, I’m stopping now. I have to stop. I am now Ashley Tisdale’s biggest fan. What happened to me?

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