Are You F**king Kidding Me? [Video]

Sometimes I feel like I have different soundtracks to my life. There are those go-to songs for when I’m in a good mood (right now: Homecoming by Kanye and Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship), the songs when I wanna dance (uh, Britney?), and my “Heartbreak Playlist” full of tunes when I need a good cry (Hellooooo, John Hiatt).

But maybe instead of sitting next to my iPod dock crying over those boys who tear my heart out, break-dance on it, then throw it in a blender, I should indulge in a big “Eff You” jam. After all, it’s not me – it’s them. They don’t deserve my tears; they deserve my middle finger.

And this is the perfect tune for the job. Tell me if you don’t agree.

Warning: The language in here isn’t suitable for work/internship/library. Put in those ear buds, ladies, and enjoy.

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