Makeup 101: Don’t Splurge If You Aren’t Sure

expensive makeup

Let me start off by saying that I am a firm believer in spending money on quality makeup.  Oftentimes well-trusted and expensive brands of makeup are more effective, longer lasting and – shocking – a much better product all around.  However, there are times when buying the expensive stuff is just stupid.

Case in point: when new makeup trends come along. It is silly to spend a ton of money on something without knowing if you’re really interested in the product or if it’s just all the hype. This is the perfect time to invest in the cheaper version to see if it’s something you want to incorporate into your makeup routine long-term. If it is, you can fork over the cash for the better stuff later.

Below are some of the major makeup trends happening right now that (if you get inundated with the ads as much as I do) you’re probably dying to test out. I included the expensive version and the cheap(er) version so you can try them on for size without going for broke.

Vibrating Mascara
Things that vibrate are good, but does that apply to makeup?  Vibrating mascara is the new thing, but I’m pretty skeptical about it being as effective as ads claim.  Lancome makes a vibrating mascara that retails for $34 (if I’m spending that much on something that vibrates it better do more than lengthen my lashes).  But if you just want to test out the pulsating mascara trend without breaking the bank, you could also check out Maybelline’s vibrating mascara for only $14.99.  Much better idea for a product that you aren’t totally sure of.
Savings: $19.

Foundation Finish
Foundation veils are a great way to add a matte finish to your look, but they don’t work wonders for everyone. Why spend money if you aren’t sure it will make a drastic difference on your skin?  As much as I love Bare Escentuals (trust me, it’s a lot), $19 is kind of a lot to spend on a product that may not make a huge difference.  So if you want to test out a foundation finish, try e.l.f’s mineral booster for only $5! Yes, the price of a Subway footlong!
Savings: $14.

Lip Boosters
If you wanna plump your lips without the aid of collagen, lip boosters are the cheap alternative.  But if you aren’t sure how your lips will react, or how great the change will be, you probably don’t wanna shell out a lot of money.  Laura Mercier’s Lip Plumper is $30.  Yikes! But, our ladies at Victoria’s Secret created a lip plumper for only $18.  Much better option if you want to test out this type of product.
Savings: $12.

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