No Twitter = Life In Shambles

Oh. Em. Gee. Twitter is down today.

I click on that cute little blue “t” in my favorites and nothing happens.  Nothing!  That means no one will know what I’m eating for lunch.  It’s a pbj, people!  It’s delicious and now my recessionista awesomeness will go completely unnoticed by my friends.  I could always IM them and let them know of my awesome sandwich making skills, but that’s just creepy.

I seriously don’t know how to function.  Although I’m a relatively new recruit, Twitter has become a part of my daily online ritual: update Facebook, check e-mail, and tweet. Repeat. Today this routine was destroyed.  I thought I’d be OK with just using Facebook for my hourly updates, but even that isn’t working!  I’m melting down. Shaking. I don’t know what to do.  I have no idea whether my friends have changed their relationships or which 1950’s movie star they are…I’m so disconnected!

In all seriousness, I’m surprised at how much this affects my life.  I’m anxious, checking back with Twitter and Facebook every few minutes.  I feel like I’m almost missing a limb (and not a pinkie toe, I’m talking about a really serious limb…like my head).  I’m hoping that both these sites are back up by the end of today, otherwise who knows what chaos will ensue?

Not that anyone will know, because Twitter is down and we can’t read news tweets.  Woe is a world without social networking websites!

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Are You F**king Kidding Me? [Video]
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