What He Really Thinks Of… Your Alexander Wang Sweater Dress

thinking guys

I’m going to be honest here: the only reason why I’m posting this hyphen-dress is because I desperately want it. Imagine this with some killer black booties. Sigh. So, as the selfish person that I am, I’m exploiting my column to find out what my guys would think if I ever got the guts (or the cash!- we’re talking Alexander Wang, man. He made my future wedding gown Mrs. Obama’s inauguration dress!) to wear something like this outside.

The Look:

alexander wang ss 2009 sweater

The Boyfriend, Rutgers University- Seriously, babe? It’s a really expensive ripped up sweater. Give me five minutes and a pair of scissors and I can make it for you. I’ll call it “Inspired by Moths.” And because I love you, I’ll give you half off, too.

Photographer, The Art Institute of Houston- I like it on the runway. It’s the type of stuff you get all the time at fashion shows. But in real life? I don’t know… you’d have to be pretty hot to pull that off.

Premed, NYU- Did she pull on an old sweater without realizing it had giant moth holes?

Little Brother, 12- That’s so cool! I want to rip up my shirts! She looks like she just got attacked by some kind of wild animal. Like that tiger dude from Las Vegas. *“Er… really? Didn’t he get like, really hurt?“ Okay, fine. Maybe not like him. That wasn’t funny… Sorry.

G, St. John’s University- Uhm.. I don’t really know about the holes but I kind of like how it’s all shiny and stuff.

“Shiny and stuff” That’s it? Cause technically, these constitute as “shiny and stuff” too:

You think he’d like these? Hm..maybe I shouldn’t be taking my fashion advice from these guys.

Visiting Cousin, 15- It looks like a really, really short dress. Or a long sweater. With holes. I can see her undies.

Uncle- “Undies”?? What are you kids looking at?! …. Why isn’t she wearing pants? *Eyeing me suspiciously* Is that what you girls are wearing these days? Does your mom know about this? Why would anyone want to wear anything with holes in it??

Okay, so obviously I have the majority against me. But you know what? I’ve decided I like it anyway. It’s a girl thing. And to my smart-ass bf, I think you’ve got a point there. I think I’ll try to DIY something like this (who’s the smart one now, huh?). I’ll keep you guys updated if it comes out well. Unless, of course, you guys hate it. In which case, kindly sound off in the comments section. I’d love to know your opinions (and lord know you’ve got ’em!).

Also, do you ever wonder what guys think of the things you wear? Have a questionable article of clothing you want to see featured in upcoming “What He Really Thinks“ articles? I’m open to submissions from you guys!

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