Working Out Won’t Make You Thin?

Despite all the diet mumbo jumbo that overwhelms women on a daily basis, weight loss is a rather simple formula: burn more calories than you eat. The end.

How do you burn those calories? Duh, you workout. You run, you swim, you blade, you work so hard your shirt is soaked with sweat and you smell like one of the guys asking you for money on your way to class. It’s brutal and it’s annoying, but you gotta do it if you don’t want all those late night pizza runs to stick to your booty.

But a new study from LSU has proven that exercise may not help us lose weight after all. In fact, what it does do is make us all hungrier so we end up consuming all those calories we just worked so hard to burn…and end up with the same results we would have had if we had simply stayed home and watched Real World Cancun on the couch.

According to an article in Time Magazine, which cited the exercise study, “Whether because exercise made them hungry or because they wanted to reward themselves (or both), most of the women who exercised ate more than they did before they started the experiment. Or they compensated in another way, by moving around a lot less than usual after they got home.”

Well, that’s interesting. Everything we’ve been taught from nutritionists/doctors/The Biggest Loser has been wrong? I don’t need to smush myself into a sports bra 5 days a week and run in place for 45 minutes in a basement gym?

Part of me wants to jump for joy at this news (“NO MORE 6am WORKOUTS?! WOOOO!”), but I can’t shake the little guy in the back of my head that’s telling me about all the other health benefits of working out.

But, thinking about how much my legs hurt from my Spin class yesterday, that little guy is easily silenced and the urge to jump for joy (which I can’t do, due to said intense pain) returns once more.

What do you think of these findings? Do you see some truth? Would you stop working out?

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