Budget Stylista: A Now and Later That’s Better Than The Candy

fall fashion

Let’s face it – August is a hard month for shopping. Everywhere you go, window displays scream mohair and motorcycle boots, but you are still sittin’ pretty (and very happily) in your flowery sundress, thankyouverymuch. And while you know you should be looking to invest in a good pair of boots to walk through the slushy snow in just a few months (ew), you would much rather peruse the racks upon racks of summer dresses that are cute and – um – ON MAJOR SALE.

I mean seriously, $200 dresses on sale for $40? I don’t care if it’s negative 30 outside – we can find a way to wear these badboys a little while longer. Who says you have to part with floral the second the leaves start falling from the trees?

Here’s a way to be stylish and savvy: reuse and rewear your favorite summer frocks. Just pair them with some thick tights, a boyfriend blazer or leather bomber, a scarf, some booties or boots and – presto chango – your springtime floral is instantly ready for a stroll with a pumpkin spice latte (the one good thing about cold weather).

Here are 3 options of summery looks that you can take well into fall, but feel free to try this with most summer dresses in your wardrobe!


floral dress 1

For Now:

summer sandal

For later:

leather jacket

For night:

bamboosucess tights


old navy floral
For now:

old navy sandal old navy bag
For later:

wrap sweater boot old navy tights hb1402a



For now:


For later:

black sweater bootie grey tight

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