Harvard Hits The Runway

Although it’s a pleasure usually reserved for high school students and younger, I still get excited about what to wear on the first day of school.  In college, nobody cares what you wear to class (as exemplified by the large numbers of sweatpants and over-sized t-shirts I see in the lecture halls), but I still like that feeling of picking out a special outfit and preparing myself for another semester.

Apparently I’m not the only one who identifies school with fashion: Harvard has signed a licensing deal to release their own line of clothing. “Harvard Yard,” an homage to the Harvard students of the 60’s, is super preppy and academic…and Harvard’s attempts at getting out of their giant funding hole.

But, dayummmmm, those boys look good!

I had never thought about a university funding and designing their own clothing line (aside from the ever popular sports apparel stores that litter the high street of every college campus), but this idea is kind of brilliant. Sure, Harvard Yard is a bit expensive for my pocket book  (anything over $20 is a bit expensive for my pocket book…) and they’ve only released the menswear line, but think where this could go…  If more universities started to release clothing lines, we might see a fashion revolution on campuses all over the US.  Instead of seeing the dichotomy between those students who literally roll out of bed in their sweats to attend class and those who think that five inch heels, a halter top, and a mini skirt are acceptable for an economics lecture, we  might finally see more of a middle ground.


Well, if not, at least Harvard Yard will make it a bit more acceptable (and encouraged!) for boys to wear v-neck sweaters and loafers. And that’s a cause I can totally get behind.

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