The CC Weekly Weigh In: Eff You, Technology!

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"Hey, mama - did you get that text I just sent?"

I am, without a doubt, addicted to technology. I spend 10 hours a day in front of my computer and the minute I step away, I’m checking my email/Facebook/Twitter/IMs/stock market reports from my iPhone. (Note: stock market reports are a real downer these days.)

When I’m out with friends, I’m constantly checking to see if anyone has texted/emailed/called. Or looking things up on Google maps. Or getting Yelp reviews for anything and everything we might be doing over the course of the evening.

And, obvi, I’m uploading pictures and status updates the entire time.

I have a problem and I know it. My addiction to technology is taking over my life and, despite the fact that I am always an email or text (fromlastnight) away from anyone, all this “connection” is really ruining me. I can’t even go to the bathroom without my phone anymore. And, yes, that’s a true statement.

I know I’m not alone, so this week I asked the CollegeCandy writers to share their personal peeves with technology. What are yours?

Kathryn – University of Wisconsin-Madison: People who have really personal cell phone conversations in really public places. I definitely do not want to hear about your latest sexcapades and either does the rest of the room. I’m embarrassed for you.

Anna – Northeastern University: I hate when people have to research online reviews on everything, from the restaurant they want to get dinner at to the movie they want to see. Nobody can be spontaneous anymore!

Thu – USC: Maybe if I weren’t wasting my life away in front of the computer, I would choose to do something more productive.

Lindsay – University of Texas: I hate that technology becomes our only means of communication. My mom calls me on her cell phone when she’s down the hall from me, and friends Facebook message me instead of coming to my dorm room. And the trolls on this site are so annoying.

Liza M – Minnesota: Love technology, hate that everyone has it and knows how to use it. It makes it hard to get away with things!

Lena Chen -Harvard: I get freaked out by people who use ear pieces and hold passionate conversations in public. They could be on an inconveniently timed conference call or they could be raving lunatics having  arguments with imaginary adversaries.

Lauren – University of Michigan: People who text during movies. I can’t hear you “whispering” into your phone, but that bright screen is RUINING HARRY POTTER FOR ME, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Carly – Grinnell: It really bothers me when my friends text other people when they are hanging out with me. They could at least step outside. Maybe I’m just selfish, but I want people to be PRESENT when they’re with me.

Kim – Stanford: When people talk on the phone when they are working out. Nobody wants to hear your effing conversation while trying not to fall off the treadmill.

Elizabeth-University of Missouri: I work at a coffee shop and I absolutely hate it when people order when they’re on their Blackberry/iPhone/Cell. Sorry, did we forget the soy in your Triple Venti Half-Caf 2.5 Pump Raspberry No-Whip Light Foam 140 degree latte? Next time get off your phone so we can actually understand you. But don’t forget to have a great day!

Alana – Boston University: I hate when people need to be texting 24/7. That being said, I also hate it when the guys don’t respond to your text messages right away. The waiting is the worst

Jordan – University of Miami: I hate that it allows people to update Facebook statuses or Twitter with annoying updates that are either TMI (we don’t need to know you are getting a bikini wax!) or awkwardly ambiguous (“Jane is *sigh*” ??!!).

Kari- Florida State: That people think I’m accessible 24/7. Don’t get mad at me if I don’t respond to your urgent 4 am Facebook message until I wake up the next day!

Elise – Stanford: I hate how addicting it is! I wish email wasn’t a 24/7 thing that I needed to tend to – it makes us all more stressed!

Ricki- University of Michigan: I hate that people can use technology to avoid actually speaking.¬† It’s not like a text message replaces hearing someone’s voice, but people think if they send off a hello text, it’s completely okay.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I hate Bluetooth headsets. You look like an idiot talking to himself so take the friggin’ thing off already and use a cell phone like normal people!

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