Saturday Read: Better Love Next Time by JM Kearns

I figured this is a great time for a relationship self-help post. Summer is coming to a close and with that comes the end of summer flings. Maybe it was the extreme heat or all the margaritas, but, you REALLY believed that it would last with that fantastic guy. And now, one of you is going back to school and even if you promise to stay close, long-distance can be tough.

So, I’ve found a book for all you victims of the summer fling.

Often, relationship self-help books focus on clever ways to meet men. You know, the art of the wingman, etc, etc. However, for most of us, the problem is not meeting men – it’s meeting NICE men. And maintaining a relationship with these nice men. And that’s where JM Kearns steps in.

His first book “Why Mr. Right Can’t Find You” was of the typical relationship self-help type and focused on meeting men. But, with his next book, he steps up his game and goes to a place few relationship self-help experts are willing to go. First by healing your broken heart… then, after you’re feeling good, telling you what you’re doing WRONG.

The book is written in two parts. Part one is titled “Repairing the Effects of the Breakup.” No matter how long a relationship is (even one week – ya, I’ve sadly been there), the breakup hurts like hell. Even if you cant admit it, you’re ego is damaged and recovery is necessary! Kearns maintains that before you can start a new relationship, you’ve got to nurse your heart and build up confidence. And when you’re ready for step two, you can move on and learn from your relationships.

No one likes to hear that they are the one sabotaging their relationships. When a great guy breaks up with you, your friends assure you that it is his fault and he is losing out. But maybe you’re the one forcing the relationship down the tube, albeit, subconsciously. Kearns delivers some much-needed tough love in the world of relationship books and hits women where it hurts, for their own good! In Part two, “Unlocking the Lessons of the Relationship,” Kearns lets women step back and examine their past relationships, to see where they are going wrong.

For anyone who is nursing a broken heart or, just has bad luck in love, “Better Love Next Time” is a great read. Not only does it allow you to learn about yourself, it encourages you to grow and get yourself ready for the love of your life!

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