Scientific Studies That Make You Say “Duh”

Scientists these days must be bored out of their minds, because many of the health studies that have been cropping up lately are painfully uninteresting. The results are so obvious that they might as well skip the experiment and just use their common sense. These “duh” stories really make you question the direction in which science is headed. Don’t these scientists have more important (and more shocking) discoveries to make?

Obese Americans Spend Far More on Health Care
The New York Times
According to a recent study, obese Americans spend 42% more on health care than Americans of normal weight. Although this is a serious issue, did we really need a formal study to tell us this? Who needs one to see that obesity (and the many health problems that result from it) is costly?

As Speed Limits Rise, So Do Death Tolls
The New York Times
A study of highway fatality rates has found that road deaths increased 3% after 1995, following the federal government’s repeal of the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit. Higher speed limits = more highway fatalities? I never would’ve imagined that.

Prenuptial Cohabiting Can Spoil Marriage
This one is a bit subtler, but still obvious nonetheless: couples who live together before marriage are more likely to get divorced than those couples that don’t shack up together until marriage. It’s a no-brainer, really. The more time you spend with someone (and their disgusting living habits), the more that person gets on your nerves. Anyone who has endured summer camps and college roommates can attest to that.

Tanning beds can be as deadly as arsenic
According to this study, tanning beds now definitely cause cancer. Breaking news: Prom-bound teen girls and dudes from the Jersey shore are rioting outside of Hollywood Tans everywhere.

Does Mom’s drinking harm breastfed babies?
I really don’t know. Anyone want to test this out?

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