Your Stylescope Says: Raid The BF’s Closet

Okay, so it’s pretty apparent that the “boyfriend”-inspired trend doesn’t actually look like it came from your man’s closet, but you gotta admit that it’s a pretty cute concept given the comfy, slightly oversized fits that are still flattering to your feminine physique. And the best part about the misnomer? You don’t actually need your own ball-and-chain to cop the looks.

So whether you’re single or attached, the stars say you’re destined to rock the boyfriend look this week, be it a blazer, a pair of shorts, or even a zip-up hoodie that fits slightly better than the one your dude left at your place. Libras can keep it casual or even go pro in a boyfriend jacket and Sagittarius ladies will stay comfy-cool in some denim shorts, for example. Just be careful not to wear too many oversized items at once — you don’t want to look like you raided your dad’s closet instead!

Check out to see this week’s pick for your sign…

Your Back-to-School To-Do List
Your Back-to-School To-Do List
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