Overheard: Making Rainbows

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(Two students, hunched over books in Starbucks.)

Girl 1: Pith. That means ‘courage,’ right? Like ‘full of pith and vinegar’?

Girl 2: I think that’s ‘piss and vinegar.’

Girl 1: I guess I’ve only heard it said by gay pirates.

(Old people sitting down in a restaurant.)

Old Lady: Oh, in my industry, we only have one joke. Customers ask, ‘Which vacuum is the best?’ And I say, ‘Oh, they all suck.’ Ha!  Ha ha ha!

Other old people: Ha ha ha!

(Two guys, reading the comics in a drugstore.)

Guy 1: Wait, do cars even have edible underwear?

Guy 2: I think it’d be more like an edible hat.

(Girls studying math in the library.)

Girl 1: … So you just do your FOIL and multiply out.

Girl 2: I don’t get it! I don’t know how to do math.

Girl 1: You know, first, then outer, then the inner, then last?

Girl 2: Oh! You mean making rainbows!

(Two boys, sitting on the couch at a party.)

Boy: Oh my god, I love your cat! She looks just like Michelle Pfeiffer!

(Two girls, jogging on treadmills at the gym.)

Girl 1: You have to scoop! Scoop your tummy! Scoop your butt!

Girl 2: I’m sorry! I can’t stop thinking about ice cream!

(Girl, looking at DVDs in Blockbuster.)

Girl: Someone get the stunt boobs! I gotta do some boob stunts!

(Guy and girl, sitting in the back of a campus bus.)

Girl: It’s pulled by a team of invisible unicorns.

Guy: And rocket boosters!

Girl: No! You’ll kill them!

(Girl, on the phone in a grocery store.)

Girl: Are you serious? Right in the middle of the aisle? … Someone must have done it on purpose! I mean, poop from a human?

(Research meeting, at an outdoor picnic table.)

Professor: So we just need one more name.

Student: How about something ethnic, like “Moron.”

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Hangovers Have Met Their Match
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