Can You Be a Semi-Feminist?

Remember Natalie Dylan, the girl who wanted to auction off her virginity? She had a degree in Women’s Studies and herself a feminist. Kind of contradictory, huh?

Although her case is extreme, I come to find that I also have some contradicting views on feminism. I tend to be pretty adamant about being a strong independent woman, but sometimes I just wanna feel like that innocent damsel in distress. And although it’s comforting to slip into many traditional female roles, I could never abandon the ideals of the 21st century feminist.

Here are some of the contradictions that make me happy to call myself a “semi-femi”:

– I consider myself a feminist, but I don’t hate men and I shave my armpits on the regular.

– I enjoy proving I can do anything without my man’s help, but I do like it when he opens doors for me.

– I plan on taking my husband’s last name when I get married, but I hate it when a couple is labeled Mr. and Mrs. “Husband’s-First-and-Last-Name.” I’m not property!

– I‘m sick of movies and magazines that portray women as nothing more than sex objects, but I could stare at Megan Fox all day long.

– I am a big advocate of a woman’s right to choose (be it about her body, who she votes for, etc.), but I prefer my boyfriend to pick the restaurant or date activity.

– I refuse to be treated like someone’s personal chef or maid, but I can’t deny the satisfaction of a day of cupcake baking in the kitchen or scrubbing that nasty bathtub tile.

– I plan on toiling away for my college degree so I can become an independent career woman, but I do plan on taking a few years off to pop out some tykes.

– I work hard for my paycheck so I can buy my own Starbucks, but it is never unappreciated when he picks up the sushi check.

– I can whoop any guy in foosball, Resident Evil, and go-carts, but I’m a sucker for a bubble bath and a stack of chick-lit.

– I don’t think girls should waste their time in the bathroom trying to look picture perfect to impress a guy, but I still hit the tanning bed, dye my hair and practice eyeshadow techniques.

So, would you call this a list of feminist contradictions or hypocrisies? Where do you personally fall on the feminist spectrum and what are your own contradictions? Let us know in the comments!

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