Why You Should…Stop Texting

There’s a great many things to do and places to see in this world of ours.  As humans, our lives are pretty short (and if you party like I do, it’s probably going to be even shorter).  So we have to prioritize!  We have brains for a reason and that reason is…reasoning (well, at least some of us use them for that purpose: see comment about partying above).  Let me be your voice of reason as I show you all the things you should be doing right here, right now.

I love texting.  It is perhaps my favorite invention next to the internet (how can that not be everyone’s favorite invention??).  My love has gotten to the point where I send out about a hundred text messages a day, but only make phone calls every couple of days.  That got me thinking…what happened to my voice?

There are articles peppered all over the web about the many “dangers” of excessive text messaging.  After dismissing most of these as ridiculous and the product of the hypochondriac generation, I began to see some truth.  Yes, my thumbs do hurt sometimes.  Hours of clutching my phone, waiting for the slightest vibration (and validation that the guy from last weekend actually wants to see me again) exhausts me mentally and physically.  And I can even get annoyed by my own text message alert sound.  Perhaps I should take a step away from my phone and get a couple breaths of fresh air.

Here are some reasons why you should, too!

Ugly Thumbs – If you’re a champion texter (yes, they have text messaging championships), then you probably have some wicked callouses similar to that of a professional gamer.  Thumb callouses = not attractive.  There have even been cases of thumbs not forming correctly from texting while the body was still developing.  If we don’t watch out, our generation is going to be known for our freaky digits.  Nothing ruins a thumbs-up faster than a crooked, calloused thumb.  Seriously.

More Free Time – Have you ever spent a couple minutes (okay – a couple hours) clutching your phone and willing a text message from a certain someone to come through?  Well, I have and I certainly could have been utilizing that time for something way more useful (such as sleeping or homework).  If you’re not waiting for text messages/sending text messages, you could potentially have a few extra hours to play with.  A couple extra hours could work out to an afternoon nap, some extra study time, a mani-pedi, a quality window shopping trip, or any number of things.  Get creative – just don’t text.

Aura  of Mystery – We are so well connected in our generation that our friends know exactly what we’re doing and where without ever having to speak to us.  What fun is that?  I say we should bring back an aura of mystery.  If you stop texting, your friends will be forced to call or *gasp* even visit you!  And perhaps without texting, you’ll be less inclined to update your Facebook/Twitter status every three seconds.  Let your friends (and maybe that guy you just met) wonder what fabulous things you’re doing that keep you from answering their texts immediately…just don’t let them know that you’ve been watching True Life re-runs all day in the dark.  Mystery, people.  Mystery.

No More Decoding Awkward Texts –  If you’re not texting, then you don’t have to worry about those beast of communication called “texts from the boy you like” (or something to that effect).  Instead, you’ll get a phone call (which is much easier to decode due to voice inflections and whatnot) or maybe you’ll go straight to the date without knowing everything about him (horror of horrors).  Who knows? He might even go old school on you and send a letter.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

It’s Safer – Texting while driving has recently been deemed more dangerous than driving with some brewskis in your system. Especially with all these newfangled touch screen phones out there. And walking isn’t much better. Sure, you probably won’t kill someone when you walk into them, but someone (me) who is late for class and stuck behind your slow texting ass might want to kill you.

Less Stress – Text messages can be stressful, whether you’re sitting in class being barraged by texts from a crazed roommate or driving  home and getting text after text from your mom about driving safely (real safe, Mom).  Turn texting off and see the stress levels drop…no more drunken texts that make you question your friendship with your exes, no more half-assed texts from that guy you like, no more trying to balance an armload of stuff while responding to 5 zillion messages (and, conversely, no more pathetic nights spent waiting for any text to come through…anything at all).

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