We’ve All Been There: Back To School

It’s that time of year again: back to (freaking) school!

Ok, so not quite yet; technically, you can’t move into your place for another week or two, but you’re so excited to get back to campus that you’ve started to prepare a bit early.

With only a few more days (and by “days” I mean “meal opportunities on the parentals”), you start mapping out your schedule until you head back. You know you have to eat mom’s famous meatloaf at least 3 times, not to mention her Challah French toast (which, now that you think about it, would make terrific drunk food. Perhaps she can freeze one and send it with you….). You also need to fit in your favorite sushi spot, Chinese restaurant, and hit up the local diner/greasy spoon as much as possible.

Also on the schedule? A major trip the mall with mom, duh. You know good and well that this week in August is the last time you’ll have one-on-one time with her (read: her credit limit) until Thanksgiving and you plan on taking full advantage. Plus, it’s major bonding time for you and mama and she’s going to need that seeing as you’re outta there in 6 days, 23 hours and 42 minutes.

But who’s counting?

You also have to squeeze in a haircut (there is no way in hell you’re trusting one of those people on campus), a visit to grandma and a few vital doctors’ appointments (to renew the B.C.). Oh yeah, and one last night out with your home-friends.

Whew. You’re gonna be busy.

And then there’s the packing. Well, assuming you ever unpacked in the first place and haven’t been grabbing clothes out of a duffel bag for three months.  Normally you hate packing – haaaate it – but knowing you’ll be unpacking that shiz in your brand new apartment back on campus in a few short days gets you excited. You load up your “I Love College” mix on iTunes and start rummaging through your room to the tunes of Asher Roth and O.A.R., gathering all the essentials. Well, at least the ones you won’t need between now and the big move:

Jeans: Check
College T-shirts: Check
Boots/shoes that aren’t flip flops: Check
Towels and sheets: Check
Workout clothes (there’s no time for that with all the eating you’ve got to do): Check
Boa, pleather jumpsuit, cone bra, pink/blue/mullet wig: Check, Check, Check and, obvi, Check

You’re on a roll until you spot your freshman year photo album peaking out from under your tailgate t-shirts.  You pick it up, flip it open and spend the next hour perched on a pile of your clothes calling your BFFs to reminisce as you laugh so hard you cry.

Downstairs your mom is tearing up, knowing she’s making you meatloaf for the last time. Upstairs, you’re dancing around your room in your underwear (had to pack those sweats you were wearing) and a wig, counting down the minutes until you’re back on campus.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.
And we can’t wait to be back there again soon!

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