He Said/She Said: To Snoop or Not To Snoop

You know you’ve been there: your man has left the room and you are sitting there, staring at his computer or cell phone or closet. You have no reason to question the boy, but there is something about having all those potential secrets/answers at your fingertips that you just can’t seem to ignore. Is he texting another chick? Does he have some freaky porn addiction? Are there naked pics of his exes stored on his desktop?

Do you snoop or not? Moreover, what does he do when he’s left in the same sitch?

Crazy as it may sound, I’ve done my fair share of snooping in my life. Luckily, I never came across anything too juicy (except that one time I checked someone’s browsing history and found porn and only porn…and then felt an intense desire to step away from the keyboard and wash my hands), but what if I had? Is it fair? Is it wrong? Am I crazy for wondering what he keeps in that shoebox under his bed?!

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College Myths Debunked: Breaking The Seal
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