Pimp Your Dorm This Fall!

August has arrived, and for those of us that are college-bound, that means shopping for dorm items! Everywhere you go right now there are pillows and posters and chairs, all of which would look perfect in that 10X12 box you’re about to call home.

You could go with the typical Yaffa blocks and collapsible hamper (like every other kid on your floor), but that’s just boring. Especially now that there is some pretty awesome new dorm-wear on the market. It’s all unique, adorable and totally functional. And, OMG, I want it all. Here are some of the best things I’ve seen on my daily hunt for the perfect dorm decor (I’ve got a lot of time on my hands…):

zBoards Eco-Modular Furniture
starting at $20, waybasics.com
This furniture is pretty much genius. It’s eco-friendly, made from 99% recycled paper; easy to assemble (take that, Ikea!); has unlimited configuration possibilities; and is just as strong as similar kinds of furniture. If you’re looking to have a trendy and modern dorm, these are a must. After all, nothing says hip like Going Green.

Clocky Alarm Clock
$50, nandahome.com
If used properly, this alarm clock could save your ass if you tend to oversleep. Otherwise, it’ll just piss you off. This badboy will literally roll off the nightstand if you don’t turn it off in time, and it will wheel around, beeping obnoxiously, until you get out of bed and catch it. As the website says, “Clocky is kind of like a misbehaving pet, only he will get up at the right time.” Just be wary if you have a roommate; you don’t want the RA bursting into your room after hearing panicked screams of “Get it! Get it!”

$99, slouchback.com
Perfect for studying or watching TV, this cushion transforms your bed into a couch in 30 seconds! It’s inflatable, so you can take it out when you want it and store it under your bed when not in use. The best part: it’s big enough for two, so you and your “study buddy” can rest comfortably together.

USB LED Beverage Cooler
$19.99, thinkgeek.com
Make marathon study sessions at your desk or at the library more comfortable with his nifty gadget. All you need to do is plug it into your computer’s USB port, and soon you’ll have a nice cold one to enjoy! Soda, that is. I don’t recommend Miller Lite for marathon study sessions, but to each their own.

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