School Is Coming! End Summer Right.

After spending all of spring semester counting down the days until summer break started, I’m now faced with the end of summer and even more school.  Where did the time go?  What was I doing when the sun was shining and the waves were crashing?  Oh yeah, I was probably online.  Hazard of the job, I suppose (and of being a college student).

However, I decided that I would not let the rest of the summer go to waste.  I’m going to take stock of all the things I was excited about before the summer began and make sure I do them before I go back to my dungeon dorm room.

Eat A Lot of Free Food – My mom loves to cook for me whenever I’m home.  I don’t have to say anything more than, “I think I’m coming up to visit on Saturday” and she’ll have already bought the ingredients for my favorite meals.  Things like eggs benedict, home-made macaroni and cheese (with six kinds of cheese!! mmm), cherry roasted baby-back ribs and so much more are thrown at me (not literally, although I fully support food fights) from the moment I step out of my car.  Plus, a plate of brownies or cookies that seem to fall into my hands at random times.  Yes, I’ll leave fit to burst and probably need a couple days to sleep off the food coma, but it’s so worth it.  Just thinking about a whole semester of dorm food and ramen noodles makes me wanna go home right now…

Do Nothing All Day – Summer is all about doing nothing.  At least, the idea of summer is about doing nothing. The reality is closer to what happens during the school year, but sweatier.  Before you get to campus and have a class schedule (and work schedule and group meetings and whatnot), take a day to do nothing.  Literally nothing.  You can sit outside with an iced tea, take a nap (preferably in a hammock – that’s very summery), or just sit.  Sound like a waste of time?  It is.  A glorious, relaxing waste of time.

Go To The Beach –  Perhaps the epitome of a summer scene is someone laying on a towel on a gorgeous, sunny beach.  This is what I salivate over when I’m walking to class at 7am in the pitch dark, fighting four foot mounds of snow.  If I wanted to go to the beach while I’m at school, there would be a significant drive involved and probably some studying on the beach (nooooooo!).  However, during the summer you have all day!  Just throw on your suit (you worked hard for that bikini body, girl), grab a cooler full of frosty deliciousness and head on out.  Nothing simpler or more rewarding (ahhh golden tan).  Just don’t overdo it…you don’t want to head off to campus and have people snicker and point at you while muttering something about oompa loompas.

Go Camping – I’m sad to say that I don’t go camping very much.  Every summer I think about it and discuss half-buzzed plans with my friends involving a campsite that probably doesn’t exist anymore and five coolers full of mostly beverages.  This summer, however, I’m actually going to do it.  This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I’m going to be homeless for about 9 days before I can move into my dorm room at the end of the month.  At any rate, a tent will probably have more space than your dorm room.

Have a Bonfire – This is something that you definitely have to organize before you hit campus (mostly because there are no fires allowed on campus…trust me, I’ve asked around).  This will also be a great way to gather up your besties and have a night to reminisce about all your summer adventures (adventures = that night you lost one shoe and left your bra at the bar).  What with the amounts of alcohol, s’mores, hot dogs, and other things that are super unhealthy for you, a bonfire will be an amazing way to relax before you are stuck in class dreaming of a day without studying.

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Let It Rock: Pleasant Surprises
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