Makeup 101: Find Your “Tone”

Want to look absolutely perfect all the time like Hollywood’s biggest celebrities?

Get a makeup artist.

Makeup artists know that one of the keys to creating a perfect makeup look is to consider what a person already has.  Skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc. all have an effect on what colors look best on a person.  You’ve probably heard the ladies at the makeup counter talk about people being “seasons,” and what colors look best on a face.  But you may have never done the research to figure out exactly which colors are meant to consistently work best for you.

And that’s where I come in. Consider me your personal makeup artist for the day. I’ve checked out a couple of different sites and compiled a summary of what you should be looking for when shopping for staple makeup items.

In the past, makeup specialists used “seasons” to classify people’s skin tones and find the best color for them.  However, now most makeup rules classify people into either “warm” or “cool” tones.  Summer and winter tones are under the umbrella of “cool” and fall and spring are under “warm” tones.

A big key to figuring out if you are cool or warm is figuring out your skin’s natural undertones.   Take a look at the veins on your wrist.  If they are blue, you are probably “cool,” and if they are green you are probably “warm.”  Check out some detailed ways to find out your tone here, but I’ll give you a quick summary:

Cool Tones:

Eyes: Gray or blue.
: Can be blonde, brown, or black.
Skin: Blue/pink undertones.
Ideal colors: Jewel tones and a pink based foundation.
Avoid: Bronze, gold, yellow, and red.

Warm Tones:

Eyes: Brown, green, or hazel.
Hair: Brown, black, red, auburn.
Skin: Yellow/olive undertones.
Ideal colors: Earth tones and yellow based foundation.
: Blue, violet and white.

Check out e.l.f’s color charts to find specific colors that work best for you.  But if you are looking for an easy way to achieve your best colors (because I’m not always around and you can’t afford ScarJo’s makeup artist), check out Almay’s intense i-color shadows, which are eyeshadow trios put together based on your eye color.  Although, once you find out your tone it all gets pretty easy and you’ll even notice that many palettes are put together with your tone in mind.

So I guess you don’t need a celebrity makeup artist to look totally flawless. It’s easy to look good once you know!

Pimp Your Dorm This Fall!
Pimp Your Dorm This Fall!
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