What He Really Thinks Of Your… Christian Siriano Shoes

Have you ever wondered what he really thinks about the stuff you wear? So have I, and that’s why I’ve compiled a panel of guys willing to share their opinions on certain “fashionable” items weekly.

I know you weren’t too thrilled about my outfit choice last week; I get it. This week we won’t have to debate the merits of too-expensive designer gear because, luckily, this Fall it’s all about affordable designer collaborations like Anna Sui for Target, Max Azria for Walmart and Christian Siriano for Payless. Yes, I said Payless. As in, Payless where you used to get your penny-loafers and light up sneakers as a kid. That Payless. I must admit – I was skeptical at first, but with Christian Siriano behind it, how can I expect it to be anything less than “fierce”?

The Look:

The Verdict:

The BF, Rutgers University – Hey that’s actually kind of cool. A little scary, but cool. Don’t you think they might be a little dangerous though? They’re kind of high. And pointy-looking.

Photographer, The Art Institute of Houston- I like the detailing and the hardware. They’re cute… except for the ones with the dinosaur spikes. “Watch out! Heumungasarous coming through!” And then all the little Japanese people scatter.

Premed, NYU- HAHA… OMG! Women these days are getting so creative. Who needs weapons when you’ve got on these babies? They’re like anti-rape shoes!

*Actually, THESE are anti-rape shoes:

Surprised? Yeah, me too. I would have imagined anti-rape shoes to look more like Crocs.

Little Brother, 12- Electric shoes?! Cool! (“No! Not those, the other ones!”) Oh. Then they’re okay. They’d be cooler if they were electric though, I’m just saying.

R, Fordham University- Ouch! You wouldn’t want to piss off a girl wearing those heels. I’m sure those spikes are capable of doing some lasting damage. My jewels hurt just looking at them!

G, Kean University- If I saw a chick in the club wearing those shoes… I don’t know. That’s pretty hot. Chains and spikes on stilettos. Sounds like some crazy-sexy-dominatrix, S&M kinda thing. **Uh.. Maybe you need a 100,000 volt shock, G. Or a cold shower.

A lot of people have argued that Siriano’s shoes bear a remarkable resemblance to Rodarte’s previous lines, but I don’t really care. Because, let’s face it, at $25-$45 a pair this is the closest I’m going to get to Rodarte anythings. I like that the shoes are (to the everyday world anyway), pretty different. I have yet to see another girl rocking spikes or chains as fierce as these and despite what the guys think, they don’t look S&M to me. They actually look designer, which is more than I can say about the products of previous collabs *coughAlexanderMcQueencough*

They’re not perfect, but as far as Payless goes, I’m impressed. Are you impressed? Do you think you’ll be grabbing a pair (or three)?

UPDATE: According to some internet sources, what we see might not be what we get come Fall. They say that Siriano “toned it down” for retail and the fabulously spiked shoes above were created solely for runway purposes. I’m very disappointed. Figures. Guess I’ll have to go back to carrying mace to scare off the creepers. Sigh.

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