I Want My Fall TV Lineup, Dammit!

While flipping through the channels last night during primetime, I discovered the real reason why our favorite shows go off the air during the summer: to make way for the sh*tshow that is summer television, which leaves us begging for The Office and House come September.

It’s the perfect advertising strategy: cut off the supply of good shows, and the viewers will demand that the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy be moved up several weeks. But it’s absolute torture for the rest of us.

That is not to say all summer TV is bad. True Blood and Mad Men are perhaps two of the greatest shows on television, period, despite the fact that they premiere during the summer. But take a look the other night’s TV listings, and you’ll want to cringe along with me: America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, More To Love? Nothing even halfway decent to watch!

My DVDs are the only things keeping me going. When I find that there’s just nothing good on TV, I’ll pop one of my favorite shows in the DVD player and pretend it’s fall sweeps. Of course, maintaining the same level of interest and excitement becomes difficult after a while, especially since I’ve watched the third season of Gilmore Girls so many times that I can recite it all the way through. But when the reality shows start gearing up in the evening, I need something else to escape to.

So I spend my evenings researching when my favorite shows will return. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

So You Think You Can Dance: September 6th
90210: September 8th
Gossip Girl (woohoo!): September 14th
30 Rock: September 15th
The Office: September 17th
House and Heroes: September 21st
Grey’s Anatomy: September 24th
Desperate Housewives: September 27th

Oh, sweet September. I can’t wait to see you.

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