The CC Weekly Weigh In: We Want A Do-Over!

When I was still in school (ugh, I get depressed just thinking about the glory days), my dad would always tell people that no one was having more fun than me. I loved the football Saturdays, the sorority date parties, the movie nights with my friends and even the late night study sessions in the library.

I had the best four years of my life on that lovely campus, but there are a few things I’d change if I had the chance. Like growing out my bangs a whole lot sooner or steering clear of those belly shirts I wore to frat parties freshman year (it was a lethal combo, let me tell you).

No matter how much we all love college, I know that everyone has that one thing they’d like to do-over. Being that we’re all heading back to campus in a few weeks (Oh wait, not me. Sigh.), I asked the CollegeCandy writers to share their do-over wish lists so no one else has to make the same mistakes we did. Because college will be the best four years of your life and you don’t want to look back with any regret.

Mechelle – Florida State: I wouldn’t have had that boyfriend freshman year. Seriously, how many times in your life are you surrounded by gorgeous boys your age?

Melissa – GW: I would go back and relive Welcome Week of freshman year.

Kim – Stanford: If I could do one thing thing over from college it would be that guy in my english class. Yes, I would do him over, and over again.

Alex – Lakehead University: I honestly don’t think that I would change one thing! I’m pretty satisfied!

Thu – USC: Apply to study abroad this upcoming semester instead of waiting until spring… And of course, go out even more than I did.

Leah – Ryerson University: I would have taken a gap year to travel instead of going into a program that wasn’t right for me.

Kayla- California State University, Sacramento: I wish I would have discovered the concept of early morning classes. Commuting through mid-morning traffic for two hours a day wore down my soul.

Desiree – Columbia University: I would’ve scraped together the money to get a fake I.D. It broke my heart to tell the hot 28 year old I was crushing on I had to skip his birthday party because I was still 20.

Lauren – University of Michigan: I would have gone abroad; I’ll never have the opportunity to do something like that again. Oh, and I definitely wouldn’t chug straight from a bottle of Captain’s. Bad. Idea.

Carly – Grinnell: I would NOT have gotten so attached to my first college boyfriend. Mistake! I should have been out making more friends instead.

Katie – Michigan State University: I wouldn’t have skipped as many classes.  I mean, I had some amazing naps, but I probably should have been in class instead.

Elizabeth, University of Missouri: I’d probably reconsider taking any class that involved me waking up before 10 AM.

Sarabeth – University of Texas, Austin:  I would’ve changed majors a LOT sooner. I hated when people in my classes thought I was a freshman.

Maddie – Tufts: My 19th birthday, which ended with my cellphone in the toilet and a laundry list of additionally embarrassing choices/mistakes.

Charlsie – Hollins University: The people I became friends with turned out to not be the people I thought they were, so I would like to have a do-over of making friends and branching out more.

Lauren H – The New School: I spent so much of my college career worried about what someone else would think that I didn’t go anywhere or do anything for three years. I wish I could undo that.

Ashley – Marietta College: Not given my virginity to an a**hole… or dated an a**hole for that matter. Argh.

Cristina – Michigan State: I’d definitely not go home as much in the beginning and try to meet as many people as I could instead of living in my safety bubble of a life until last minute.

Sara C – Fordham: I would take more dance classes. No, really. I’ve taken two already and it helped me focus and improve my discipline. Not to mention, no homework, great workout, terrific stress relief, and hot guys (yes, some were straight)!

Liza – University of Minnesota: Transfer sooner! Just sayin’. Minnesota is amazing.

What would you want to do all over again?

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