The Weekly Wrap Up: Is It Time For School Yet?

I don’t really say this all the time, but, seriously, TGI-freakin’-F!

School is slowly creeping up and I’m planning on enjoying every single weekend until I’m back on library lockdown. This week has been full of stupid back to school stuff. Well, most of it was stupid. I did thoroughly enjoy using my creative genius to play interior decorator for my new dorm room, and Momma finally decided it was time for her baby to get a new computer, since my current P.O.S likes to make weird noises and shut down at its own leisure.

But other than that…mostly stupid stuff.

I’m actually kinda looking forward to school this year. It’s time to tell that stupid summer crush buh-bye (he prolly learned about dating on here), and jump into school single and ready to mingle! I do love summer, but there is something about the first week back that has me super excited!  Mostly that first weekend when me and the girls make our grand debut and meet all the eligible hotties (and some less than desirable men that will inevitably the topic o’ convo during the next morning’s…er…afternoon’s breakfast). Ugh, I’m so excited I don’t even care about the inevitable hangover I’ll have for the first day of classes. Mostly because I have discovered the ultimate cure.

Yup, this year is gonna be a good one and I just want to get it started!
School, here. I. come.

Single. And Walking Down the Aisle.
Single. And Walking Down the Aisle.
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