Can You Handle A Long Distance Relationship?

As someone who’s spent a majority of their college career in an LDR, only spending summers and holidays with my guy, I consider myself an expert in the intricacies of the dreaded time apart. Are you thinking of starting one as you and your warm-weather fling get ready for separate schools next fall? Answer the following Q’s to see if you have what it takes!

When you get drunk, is it impossible for you to keep the flirting to a minimum? Do your beer goggles often lead you to bring guys back for some late night noshing and nooky after the bars?

Do you think that “making out” with a rando is okay as long as it only happens once and you can’t really remember it the next morning?

Are you jealous of your girlfriends who are in relationships? If your roommate was sleeping at her boyfriend’s house every night, would you wallow in depression knowing that your boyfriend was miles away?

Are you a stalker? If your BF got tagged in a Facebook picture with a group of attractive and scantily-clothed girls, would you attempt to hack into his account to make sure that they were “just friends?”

Do you to think its okay to read your BF’s emails and Facebook messages? What about listening to his voicemails? (Be honest… we don’t judge!)

Jealousy/Paranoia/General Craziness
Are you a very jealous person? If your boyfriend didn’t call you for a few hours, would you assume that he was getting it on with his hot treadmill buddy from the gym?

Would you call him more than two times if he didn’t pick up? Have you been known to send out your share of passive aggressive text messages?

Are you bad at talking on the phone? Would you be bummed if you had to skip out on Sunday night dining-hall-binge-sessions with your friends so that you and your boyfriend could recap your weekends with a 60 minute phone call?

Does the thought of getting naughty with your computer’s camera make you uncomfortable? Are you too busy for frequent video-chatting?

Are you a far plane ride away from your guy? Would it cost you a lot of money to visit him as often as you wanted? Is there a time difference that would make everyday communication difficult?

If you answered “YES” to a number of these questions, I’d think twice before jumping into the LDR pool. After all, these are a bunch of fish in the sea, right? Sometimes it’s better to end things when they’re good then end up looking like a drunk crazy stalker who can’t go home alone at the end of the night…

Religion and Relationships
Religion and Relationships
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