8 Under $20: Forever 21

So as I write this, I’m sitting on my lanai (balcony) overlooking the beautiful, blue Maui ocean (yes, I’m on my first “real” vacay in years), which means I’m not particularly keen on scouring the internet for under $20 deals for long periods of time (not to mention, they’re only giving me an hour of free wifi). So where did I head?

The mother of all cheap & trendy spots: Forever 21.

And no, she did not disappoint. Checking out the website or a store near you is a necessity before you head back to school, as there are loads of insanely awesome deals on ridiculously cute clothes.  What are you waiting for?  Read, set, GO!

Here are a few things I know I’ll be grabbing up. You know, when I get back to the mainland.

Denim leggings have been spotted on the likes of Whitney Port and Fergie, and are a big for fall. I know it’s a difficult trend to wrap your mind around (or shove your legs into), but we were all resistant to normal leggings at first, weren’t we? Just give these a shot. I love that they are black (more slimming), will look great with a cute pair of sandals or some sexy booties, and are only $16.90.

Cardigans are definitely a fall necessity and this one is perfection with it’s darling lace details and cropped sleeves. It’ll look great with jeans, a pencil skirt or, if you wanna totally prep it out, a pleated mini.  SO CUTE!

Ballet flats are a wardrobe staple and these ones will liven up any look with their bold color and reptile print.  Tack on the $8.50 price tag and who can say no?

Once school’s back in session and that hottie from O-Chem asks you out, you’ll want a sexy top to wow him and this does the trick, fo sho.  Bustiers always work wonders for the girls and have a great way of slimming the waist as well.  Pair it with a pair of dark jeans and some sassy stilettos and soon you’ll be makin’ your own chemistry.

Simple shirts are so important, especially for those days you overslept and are already 25 minutes late to your review sesh, and there’s something so tomboyish yet sexy about a basic raglan tee. I can’t explain it, but at $5.50 you can grab a few and figure it out for yourself.

I’ve always had a thing for big ass earrings and I love the gold/turquoise combo and the Indian vibe of these.  Just be sure not to go overboard with other accessories or crazy bold prints; these can be a centerpiece on their own.

Belts are such a fantastic accessory: they’re cute, they add some flair, and they give nice definition to your waist.  And this one does all that with an 80’s elastic band and the gorgeous lotus flower deet on the front. Sigh. I’m in lust.

A skirt for under $7, seriously?!?  This is such a versatile piece that can be used to create so many different looks from casual day to girls’ night out. And it comes in 3 great colors (this awesomely bold royal blue, and 2 neutrals; black & grey)! This might be all you’d ever need for a complete wardrobe overhaul.

Seriously now, Forever 21, have I told you lately that I love you? And this isn’t the distance talking; this is real.

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