House of Jazmin: Where’s The Dramz?

jazmin ep 1

I’ll be honest – if I didn’t read CollegeCandy, I never would have known about MTV’s new show, House of Jazmin. I’d like to say it’s because I don’t bother with the dribble on MTV, but the real reason is because I get so engrossed in the drama on MTV shows that I am forced to fast-forward straight through the commercials and miss everything that is comin’ up.

So I watched this new show, AKA MTV’s answer to the loss of Lauren Conrad. MTV’s attempt at another show that might possibly gross as much money for the network as The Hills. MTV’s response to people who complained about how scripted/fake/annoying The Hills is.

And what did we get?
A real girl who is driven and talented and adorable.

And boring!

I am the first person to stand up and throw stuff at the TV during an episode (or full day marathon) of The Hills; I hate all the BS drama and how fake of a life LC and her friends are living in L.A. I’ve been begging for something more realistic to show people what life is really like in the real world, but now that I have it I realize why it’s never been done before.

It’s just really boring. There is a reason I don’t have my own reality show and it’s because it would consist of a lot of me sitting in front of my laptop or eating cereal out of the box in front of my TV. It’s not TV-worthy, and either is Jazmin’s life.

I watch MTV because I want to see music videos (ha! who am I kidding!?) be entertained by the bullsh*t. I wanna be swept away in someone else’s ridiculous dramz for a bit. Drama that is a-plenty on other MTV shows:

Drama on The Hills: Heidi and Spencer tell the world about Lauren Conrad’s giant…lady parts.
Drama on The Real World: Fork throwing, punching, someone getting sent home because he can’t handle a job running Spring Break in Cancun….

Drama on House of Jazmin: A model’s eyeshadow didn’t match everyone else’s in the show. Oh, and the bartender was late to the fashion show. (Although I can see how a party without booze is a serious issue…)

Hell, the only interaction Ms. Jazmin had with a male was the old man in the fabric store…when she was bartering for fabric.

I am impressed with Jazmin’s talent and success at such a young age – she’s a great role model for young women, which MTV needed – but I’m just not sure I’m sold on her show. As much as I hate on The Hills, I live for that stuff. My life is boring enough on its own – I don’t need to watch someone else’s.

But I will. I’ll watch it every week and see if it gets any better (or if Jazmin’s grandmother can indeed get those models to eat) and break it all down here.

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