Let It Rock: I’ve Been Waiting For You

Sometimes I love a band so much, I just sit and wait for them to come out with something new. Well, I don’t literally sit and wait, but I do get really excited when I know a release date is near. And this week, my long and painful wait was over.

Well, for two of the three bands, at least.

Had I actually sat around and waited for Third Eye Blind to release a new album – yes, it took them six years – I would probably be dead by now. And even though it wasn’t an eternity, waiting for Mute Math felt like forever. I was thisclose to completely wearing out their original album. Now, I wasn’t exactly falling off my seat waiting for Cascada to release something new, but they did I listened and enjoyed it nonetheless.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and I’m pretty sure that can be said for this week’s new releases:

Third Eye Blind- Ursa Major

Oh, hey Third Eye Blind, you’re back! Yes, you are! How excited is everyone about this? I heard the news about 6 months ago and have been waiting on the edge of my seat since. And I have to say my butt really hurts I’m not disappointed by Third Eye Blind’s new album, Ursa Major. Honestly, from the start of the album, it’s clear that 3eb hasn’t gone anywhere; for a few minutes, I even totally forgot it had been years since they came out with anything new.

So, yes, the first song on the album “Can You Take Me” is the perfect song to start Ursa Major and makes it clear the boys are back. It also really made me want to start shouting back, “Yes! I can take you!” but as I was sitting in a bagel shop the first time I heard it, I had to refrain so I didn’t become the weirdest person in the room of weirdos. “Summer Town” is awesome and should become everyone’s (end of) summer anthem. And winter anthem too. The lyrics are perfect as Third Eye Blind lyrics often are: “All we are are friends who keep on losing time and/Fade away the precious ones we keep in mind and/Realize that I’m the one that you left behind.” “One in Ten” is one of Third Eye Blind’s slower songs and I’m pretty much in love with it. I don’t think it will reach the kind of fame “Deep Inside of You” had, but it’s still pretty fabulous. I’m kind of sad that this album hasn’t been publicized more. Every time I mentioned Third Eye Blind’s new album, people would say in disbelief, “What? They have a new album??”

Everyone should know about this; not just those who follow the music scene closely. So, tell your friends, Third Eye Blind is back!

Mute Math- Armistice

I’ve been waiting a long time for Mute Math’s new album. Like a super long time. And my wait is finally over. I can stop listening to their self-titled debut album for a bit (as much as I do love it) and listen to something new. And Mute Math’s new album? You might not believe me, but it’s even better than the first! Armistice really shows how the band has grown and I’m more than impressed by it. I love Paul Meany’s recent quote that, “Our goal is to embarrass the first record, that’s what we’re trying to do here, and I think we’re on point to pull it off.” Awesome goals.

I definitely don’t think they embarrassed the first album (at all), but that doesn’t mean I’m not in love with the new one. Like I said, I listened to their first album like crazy to obsessive levels. It would be nearly impossible to embarrass it. “Plan B” is, and probably always will be, on my top 10 list of best songs ever. And one that I’ll never get sick of. But I think Armistice might have a few songs that are almost just as good! I’m mostly in love with the title track “Armistice” right now. I love how it sounds like typical Mute Math, with a big band sound thrown in for fun. It makes me want to dance, it makes me want to chill out, and it makes me just plain love life. I’m also really loving “Lost Year” because it’s so different than the typical Mute Math you’re used to. When it first started playing, I was convinced it was actually The Fray. I love Mute Math’s versatility; there’s something for everyone, so you should definitely check ’em out.

Cascada-Evacuate the Dancefloor

Someone else is back. And that someone is Cascada. I can’t say I’ve been the biggest Cascada fan ever, but their “Every Time We Touch” song is always fun for dancing around to and having a good time. Plus, I’ve listened to their Rascal Flatts cover of “What Hurts the Most” only about a million times, so I figured I’d have to check out her new album, Evacuate the Dancefloor.

The album was really a mish-mash of music. Since I’ve never listened to a Cascada album all the way through, this could very well be exactly what they’re always like; who knows? I didn’t mind it, but I wonder if they’re trying to be too many things to too many people? The title track “Evacauate the Dancefloor” reminded me a lot of Lady Gaga; kind of techno-y and obviously about dancing. However, I’m not the biggest Eminem fan and I’m fairly certain I heard him in there, though I think it may have been an imitator. Eek. Surprisingly, I liked the slower Cascada songs the best. I really like “Hold Your Hands Up,” which was more of a sweet ballad. And I’ve been listening to “Draw the Line” a lot, as well. Even the slower songs aren’t going to have lyrics that will blow you away (“tick tock says the clock on the wall,” for instance), but the tunes are nice and they’re perfect for easy listening. As far as the more dance-y songs go, “Ready or Not” definitely got me moving. Overall, I think Cascada is a nice addition to the music library, though I probably won’t be a non-stop listener.

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