The Celebrities Who Turned On Us

Celebrity gossip has taken over the world. We are inundated with the goings-on of Hollywood A-listers (and Z-listers) everywhere we turn, so it’s no surprise that many of us find ourselves deeply connected to those we only know from afar. We get involved in their personal business like it is our own and really feel like they are a part of our lives.

Hell, I know I’m not the only one who freaked upon finding out Miley and Joe had broken up. I was really pulling for those two!

We all know that celebs are people too and that they are bound to screw up at some point (that’s the stuff we love most, isn’t it?), but there are just some screw-ups are unforgivable. Situations and decisions that leave us asking, “How could they do this to me?! How could they turn on me!?” (Yeah, it’s a little sick, but I say blame it on the cultural climate.)

Here are a few celebs that have gone from loved to loathed, without any hope of return.

Mischa Barton

The OC was probably the biggest hit since Melrose Place, and it skyrocketed Mischa Barton to stardom. We loved her. We felt for her. And when she graced the covers of tabloids (pre druggie days, of course!) we drooled over her fresh face and knack for throwing together an effortlessly chic outfit. I had such high hopes for her when The OC unfortunately came to a close; I was certain I would see Marissa reincarnated as the star of the next hit sitcom within the next couple of months. But what came instead was a series of trainwrecks that took Mischa from the top of Hollywood to the top of my most hated list. It’s simply impossible to find an ounce of love for this girl anymore, between the DUI’s and drug induced dark under eye circles. I’ve lost any hope of her making a comeback. And any love for my innocent, lovely Marissa Cooper.

Chris Brown

“Run it” and “Kiss Kiss” used to be at the top of my getting-ready playlist – perfect to get the girls amped up for a night out as we applied our makeup and pre-gamed. And his smooth dance moves and baby face didn’t hurt either. But his music just isn’t the same anymore, what with the hint of domestic abuse that now runs through it. I know that pretty much everyone on the planet has documented his downfall, so this is a bit repetitive, but he simply cannot be left off the list of celebs who have fallen out of our good graces. When it comes down to it, I’m not totally devastated. I’m upset for Rihanna’s sake, but to be honest, I always had a hard time telling him and Ne-Yo apart anyway, so I’ll just trade “Wall to Wall” for “Closer” and we’ll call it even.

Tyra Banks

She’s gorgeous (although some would beg to differ now; swimsuit shot in the tabloids anyone?), not to mention she holds the title of being the first African American woman to be on the covers of GQ, Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. When she broke into acting she won my heart. I’ll never forget her flawless performance as Will Smith’s girlfriend on The Fresh Prince, and remember that movie where she played a Barbie come to life? Okay so she wasn’t an Oscar winner, but still, the woman was dominating. While America’s Next Top Model had it’s share of arrogant comments and almighty speeches, her downfall ultimately came when she tried to channel Oprah became a talk show host. I suppose it was a good thought, but the execution failed miserably. The production came off as a mix between Maury (Who’s my babay dadday?!) and Dr. Phil (because obviously Tyra is God and a licensed psychologist, putting her in a position to council all walks of life). Basically the show should be renamed “I Love Myself Way Too Much.” FAIL, Tyra!

Mel Gibson

An amazing actor, no denying that. He brought us “Braveheart,” “The Patriot,” and “Passion of the Christ.” And who wouldn’t include “What Women Want” in a movie night with the girls? His acting and directing career was so successful that it masked his unstable personal life for a good decade. But seriously, this guy is bat-sh*t crazy, and there’s no denying it. He’s cheating on his wife and getting girls pregnant, beating up photogs, driving drunk and walking around with one too many buttons undone. And if that doesn’t do it for you, he’s stumbling all over Hollywood giving rant after rant, many of which are directed at women (sugartits?!) and more than one which have been offensive to certain racial and religious groups (he’s not a fan of the Jews). Not even Lethal Weapon can save Mel from his spiraling downfall. I will miss his rugged-blue-eyed-dream-boy days, but now he just reminds me of those creepy over-the-hill men who give you sex eyes across the bar. Not cool, Mel. 

Jon Gosselin

I just swallowed back tears. I am ashamed to admit that I am one of the obsessively devoted Jon and Kate Plus 8 fans. I’ve seen every episode, I can distinguish all the children, and I’ve kept a frantic eye out for the family every time I visit the Outer Banks on vacation. So when I heard of this breakup, I was devastated. I’d always loved how good Jon was with the kids and really felt for him when he was constantly berated by Kate. And then they split and everything I’d ever known went right out the window. Mr. Good Dad was gone and replaced by an Ed-hardy-wearing, ear-pierced, motorcycle-riding, 20-year-old-macking douchebag.  Jon keeps blaming Kate for the paparazzi and the shameless self-promotion at their children’s expense, yet he is now attempting to leave their show in order to be on “The Divorced Dad’s Club”? Wow, Jon, that is low, even for your Ed-Hardy-clad ass. You officially are on the ballot for the Worst Dad/Husband/Human Being of The Year Award.

Do these celebs also have you shaking your head and tsk-tsk-ing (finger wag optional)? What other beloved celebrities have now made it impossible for you to show them some love?

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