Back To School: Drink Yourself Some New Friends

Another semester looms large (almost as large as my tuition bill – hey yo!) and we’re faced with the prospect of returning to campus or, if you’re a freshman, moving into the dorms and living with someone you’ve never met before.  Stressful times, right?  Might as well crack open a couple beers (or bottles of vodka) and start breaking the ice with your new floormates.

Drinking games have long been a superb way of breaking the ice with new people (seriously, nothing sets a casual, friendly atmosphere like chugging shots at 3pm), but how do you move beyond the old favorites?  Sure, everyone loves flip-cup, beer pong, power hour, quarters and Edward 40-Hands (oh my, I do love Edward…and his crazy brother, Edward Whiskey-Hands), but if you really want to impress your cute next door neighbor, then you better bust out something creative.

Luckily for you, CollegeCandy did all the work for you.  Here, for your fall semester enjoyment, are some original and interesting drinking games.  Play with caution (and gusto!):

Fake Sorority/Fraternity/Organization Recruitment – Make up a fake organization (or sorority/fraternity if you’re feeling particularly ballsy) and start recruitment.  Just go door to door in your dorm and explain that you’re doing some recruitment for your organization.  Your organization is obviously pretty bad ass, so alcohol is involved.  It’s best to start this game with a couple friends and a clipboard (so you’ll look legit).  Throw one back every time someone questions the legitimacy of your organization.  Take two shots every time you get someone to sign up for your (fake) mailing list.  Take three shots for every person who wants to walk around and recruit with you.

Freshman Drinking Game – This is mainly for upperclassmen living in the dorms, but if you’re a cynical freshman, then feel free to play along.  The rules are pretty simple and very flexible.  All you have to do is think of some freshman stereotypes and then drink whenever you see/hear them.  For example, you could take a drink whenever you hear someone talking about their class schedule.  Two drinks are in order if anyone has an ESL roommate.  Chug a beer every time you hear anyone talking about high school.  And so on…

Accents – For this one, you’ll need to recruit some buddies from your floor.  Write down a bunch of different accents on pieces of paper and jumble them up in a hat.  Each person chooses an accent and has to stick with it for the rest of the night.  If you break the accent, you do a shot.  If you don’t even know how to do the accent you chose, you chug a beer.  Take it from there – it’s fun, I promise.

Pick-Up Lines – Do a quick search for the worst pick-up lines ever.  Print these out and choose two victims to wear the lists.  The victims will have to parade through different dorms with an entourage (and alcohol) asking anyone of the opposite sex which is their favorite.  They will then have to say whatever line is chosen in a sexy voice.  They have to take a shot if they laugh while saying it and two shots if anyone asks  what the eff is going on.  Everyone drinks if the pick-up line works.  The entourage has complete power and can feel free to make up any on-the-spot rules.

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