I’m Torn: Ankle Boots

So maybe I’m a little behind on the trend, but I’ve found myself fascinated by ankle boots lately. At first I wasn’t so sure – in fact, I was pretty damn sure I hated those things – but I’ve been watching girls prance around in them for a year now and they’re totes growing on me.

Only problem? I’m not sure I can pull them off. Dear gods of fashion, help me – I’m torn!

Love it:
I’m super short, so the idea of little boots with big heels makes me really happy. There are so many cute and reasonably priced options out there, I’m surprised I still don’t own a pair. I don’t know about you, but those over-the-knee boots that are so popular this fall sort of terrify me. How the heck can a short girl pull them off? And won’t “over the knee” on most people just mean “up to my crotch” on me!? That’s why I’m thinking ankle boots for fall.  Sliding into a pair can immediately update an otherwise drab outfit. They look great with tucked in skinnies, or even with a dress. They immediately make you look more stylish, even if the rest of your outfit is less than exciting. Plus, you can wear them in slightly warmer weather, which is more than I can say about Uggs.

Loathe it:
For some reason, when I think ankle boots, I immediately think of Barbie. Or runway models. Though I like the idea of ankle boots, I think they may be just too trendy for me to pull off. Also, when I’m in the market for a new pair of shoes, I like them to be both stylish and practical. Though these boots satisfy the first requirement, I don’t see them surviving my heavy partying schedule. Or real life, for that matter; those babies will not be able to survive a Boston winter.

So, what do you ladies think? Do you own a pair? Should I grab one for myself?

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