These Guys Don’t Deserve Your Digits

I’m a girl who knows what I deserve. I don’t settle. I’m a big believer in not purchasing knockoffs.

Reason one
: I can hold out for the real deal.
Reason two: I don’t want to give the fake too much credit.

It’s the same thing with a guy.  Forgive me for the metaphor (fake bag = douche bag), but there are some dead giveaways that the guy who is about to approach you is a Frada. If that’s the case, you acknowledge (or not), smile, and politely get your ass out of Chinatown. Without divulging your digits.

Here are a few tells to prevent you from falling for that faux Ferragamo.  

1. Hits on your friend/roomie/stranger, get rejected, and then hits on you.
2. Insults your clothing, weight, physical attributes. This is not second grade! If someone likes you they don’t need to hurt your feelings to let you know.
3. Introduces himself by anything other than his name. I.E. Mr. Lover-Lover, Your new boyfriend, Pimp Daddy
4. Licks his lips while listening to the words you’re saying.
5. Disses his ex-girlfriend within the first ten seconds of meeting you.
6. Thinks he’s God’s greatest gift to you and believes you owe him something because he spoke to you.
7. Calls you be anything other than your first name before being introduced to you.
8. Ogles other girls while chatting you up.
9. Looks at anything other than your eyes, face, back of your head as you walk away.
10. Insults and generalizesall womankind. I.E. You women are too high strung.
11. Compliments a facial feature in reference to a sexual act. (Think lips.)
12. Looks like a slob…with his boxers/briefs/crack exposed.
13. Calls you by the wrong name. Even if he just met you, he should get your name right. Note: if he calls you “baby,” “sweetheart,” or any other term of affection, it doesn’t mean he likes you. It means he can’t remember your name.
14. He’s drinking a glass of white wine. At the club.
15. He reminds you of one of these guys.

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This Year, Everyone is an Ivy Leaguer
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