Do It Yourself Tuesdays: The Six Pack Caddy

College just isn’t college without those ubiquitous signs around campus: Party this Friday! Clothes optional. B.Y.O.B!

Now, while we at CollegeCandy don’t condone walking to a campus party in the buff, we do fully support B.Y.O.B-ing. And we can help you do it in style. Now you can bring your own beer in our cute Six Pack Caddy! Sure, you could just lug it over in the Natty Light box it came in, but that’s not cute. Or classy. And we’re all about the classy.

Not a drinker? No prob. This little guy does double duty. You can use it as a pencil holder, condiment pack, or even store all those hair clips and bands in it. Then you can use that money you saved for something you can’t make, like those cute wedges you’ve been eyeing all summer.


– Empty cardboard six-pack box
– Decorative paper (wallpaper or gift wrapping paper)
– Glitter, feathers, sequins, pipe cleaners, colored pom-pom balls
– Glue or tape
– Scissors


1) Flatten the cardboard box and trace the shape onto the decorative paper.
2) Fold the paper in half so you can cut two of the same shapes at one time, then cut two for the body and two for the handle.
3) Glue or tape the paper to the cardboard and cut the excess paper to trim the edges.
4) Glue any extra decorations you want onto the caddy. I highly recommend extra sparkle if you’re heading off to a rave, or your campus mascot if you’re toting that thing to a football tailgate.
5) Fill the Sixpack Caddy with your favorite drink of choice and head off to PaRtY!

Now, if only we could figure out how to make our own beer. That would be Pulitzer-worthy.

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