Let It Rock: Girls Rock!

You know, boys aren’t the only ones who get to rock every week. In fact, this week no boys rocked at all; it was all about the ladies. I was excited to see three very special lady musicians coming out with new albums this week. They are all women I really like and respect and am genuinely excited to hear what they’ve got.

It’s funny because I’m generally more apt to listen to male singers (they look hotter with the guitars…), but I’ve always had a special kinda thing for Ingrid Michaelson and her music. And I’ve always thought Colbie Caillat was super cute. And Imogen Heap has always been like that mysterious, kind of strange but totally intriguing girl you always want to talk to.

Yup, I’ve got some huge girl crushes this week. And these girls rock.

Ingrid Michaelson- Everybody

I was definitely the most excited to hear Ingrid’s new album, Everybody. She consistently comes out with good music and I couldn’t wait to hear if she had any growth with this new album. And yes, yes, she did. From the second I heard “Soldier,” I knew I was going to be hooked. “Everybody,” obviously the title track, is kind of a bit cheesy for Ingrid, but also a bit more fun than we’re used to from her, so we’ll totally take it.

But those songs are nothing compared to “Are We There Yet,” basically the most amazing song from Ingrid yet. Her voice is showcased so beautifully that it actually made me shiver a little bit. And the lyrics are absolutely beautiful as well: “They say that home is where the heart is/I guess I haven’t found my home/And we keep driving round in circles/Afraid to call this place our own…They say you’re really not somebody/Until somebody else loves you/Well, I am waiting to make somebody/Somebody soon.” How beautiful?! This song makes me want to yell, “Ingrid, I love you!” I actually might have whispered it while walking to Trader Joe’s and listening to Ingrid on my iPod. I probably scared a few folks. Whatever. Upon first listen to this album, I was already declaring it my favorite album of 2009. And I’m not taking that back yet.

Colbie Caillat- Breakthrough

I do kind of have mixed feelings on Colbie Caillat. On the one hand, I find her totally cookie cutter and radio-made. And on the other, I think she seems super sweet and nice and some of her songs are seriously catchy. I just wish they were a bit more unique. because I really, really want to love Colbie. Plus, she’s buddies with Jason Mraz and if he thinks she’s so talented, then I really want to as well.

When I heard the first song of Colbie’s new album, Breakthrough, I kind of cringed. Don’t get me wrong, the video for “Fallin’ for You” was totally amazing, but the song just sounded so radio-made. I felt like I heard it a million times. Luckily, the rest of the album wasn’t quite so cheesy. I am totally obsessed with “Droplets,” which Colbie sings with Jason Reeves (another Jason I love!). I absolutely love the lyrics to this song: “I’m leaving you/I’m not sure if that’s what I should do/It hurts so bad/I’m wanting you but can’t go back/Trying to find, to find/That all elusive piece of mind.” She totally reminds me of Kelly Clarkson in “I Never Told You” in the best way possible. I really do hope that this album is Colbie Caillat’s “breakthrough.”  Get it? Seriously, though.

Imogen Heap- Ellipse

If we know Imogen Heap, we all know she’s kind of her own woman. She does her own thing and is completely unique, which is most definitely the case on this little album. I absolutely love the opening to Imogen’s new album, Ellipse, and I immediately felt like I was going to be a very happy girl. “First Train Home” has that sound that makes you want to get moving. And the lyrics are totally perfect for the way it’s already making you feel: “First train home, I’ve got to get on it/First train home, I’ve got to get on it/To catch, to catch, to catch-catch, to catch.”

Seriously? How much fun would it be listening to this song while waiting for the train? Or if you’re late for the train and have to chase after it? Yes, these are the things I think about. In fact, I really love this new album and totally see it as the perfect “walking through the city” music. Even the depressing songs kind of put me in a good mood and the sound is just so different, I can’t help but smiling when I hear it. And all the songs are so different, it’s really hard to get bored. There are a few songs that I want to say WTF to, like “Little Bird,” but I kind of think that’s what part of loving Imogen Heap is all about. For the most part, though, I’m in love. “Tidal,” “Between Sheets,” and “Earth” are just perfectly lovely. As is Imogen herself.

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