The Rival Rundown: Alabama vs. Auburn

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AlabamaAuburn is a school rivalry so fierce it once took an act of state legislature to force the two to agree to compete against one another in sports. The Iron Bowl, the annual football match-up between the Crimson Tide and the Tigers, was suspended for forty years after a heartbreaking tie in 1907 left the two sides disgusted with one another.  It wasn’t until the Alabama House of Representatives passed a resolution for the cross-state rivals to resume competition that the rivalry continued.  Now, with over a century of pride, tradition, and competition in the books, who is the top school in the Yellowhammer State?

1. Mascot Matchup

Alabama- Big Al the elephant leads the Crimson Tide in rooting for Alabama. If seeing him at the games simply isn’t enough, you can invite him to your kegger to amp your Bama spirit!
Auburn- Did you know there is a National Mascot Hall of Fame? Well, there is – and Auburn’s own Aubie the Tiger is an inductee, an accolade to add to his arsenal of National Mascot Championships medals.

Three credits to: Auburn, where even the school mascot is beating its rivals!

2. Terrific Traditions

Alabama– What would a storied football school be without its band? The Million Dollar Band is a fan favorite at Bama, with over 300 members
Auburn– To begin each football game, Auburn fans participate in the Tiger Walk, joining Aubie and cheerleaders in leading the football team onto the field.

Three Credits to: Auburn, for the school-wide party on the field!

3. Iron Bowl Record

Alabama- In the annual football game between the two, Bama boasts 39 wins.
Auburn– The Tigers have won the Iron Bowl 33 times.

Three credits to:  The numbers speak for themselves. Alabama, clearly!

4. Crowd-Rousing Cheers

Alabama– The Rammer Jammer Cheer, seen here, is a popular taunt of Bama opponents. What could be more inspiring than tens of thousands of Crimson Tide shouting “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Give ’em Hell Alabama!”
Auburn- The legend of the War Eagle is treasured at Auburn, where at home games a bald eagle is released into a stadium of over 90,000 cheering fans as the band plays the War Eagle song. It’s unsure how the tradition started, but walk down any Auburn street and holler “War Damn Eagle!” and you’re sure to make hundreds of new friends.

Three credits to: This one is a toughie. The Crimson Tide offer a bone-chilling chant, but Auburn upstages the boys from Tuscaloosa with a live eagle and band performance.

5. Acceptance Rate Agony

Alabama- Roll Tide, Roll! 60.4% of all Alabama applicants are accepted.
Auburn–  Wanna be a Tiger? You’ve got a 70.8% shot of being able to officially don the Orange and Blue.

Three credits toAlabama, where the hype to join the Tide is mounting.

And the diploma goes to: Auburn!  In sweet home Alabama, the Tigers are the victors.

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