CollegeCandy’s Back-To-School Double Notebook Giveaway!

We’ll be honest, as much as we love getting (presents, sexual favors, free drinks…) around here, it’s the act of giving that really gets us excited. And the bigger the give the better we feel. So we’re pretty sure the feeling we’re getting from this latest CollegeCandy giveaway is pretty similar to sniffing 100 bottles of White-Out.

Yeah, we feel goooood.

With school rapidly approaching, CollegeCandy has teamed up with Ivy Worldwide and Hewlett Packard to give away a back-to-school computer bundle that’s better than a large pack of Sharpies and Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. Because we love our readers so much and want you to do well in school (duh!), we are giving away a package of goodies that is sure have you ready to go for the fall.

Prizes include (are you ready for this?):

– Not one, but TWO laptops: The HP dv6 Laptop, for all the heavy duty stuff, like blasting music in your dorm whipping up an out-of-this-world power-point presentation AND an HP Mini 110 to tote to classes and the libs for note-taking and paper-writing (or IMing your crush while simultaneously shopping for shoes). This bundle comes with Syncables software to keep both computers automatically updated with all your files and music.

– And to help you lug around all your new gear, we’re also throwing in The Timbuk2 H.A.L. Backpack.

*Pause for reaction*

Alright, now for the dirty deets on how to win.

Easy Peasy! Just send us a picture of you with that old P.O.S that you’re currently trying to work with to [email protected] with a brief explanation as to why you desperately need a new compooper. We’ll post them and you’ll vote. The picture with the most votes wins. And yes, you can vote for yourself, cheaters.

Pictures must be submitted by Sunday, August 30th at 5pm EST. We’ll post ’em all on this here website ( on Monday, August 31st for people to vote and we’ll announce the big, fat winner Tuesday, September 1st.

Got it?

Ok, so we know you already love us for this awesome giveaway, but we aren’t done. Just in case you don’t happen to win our contest, here’s a list of other sites doing the same thing. You still have at least 12 more chances to win (which are in bold so you can enter them, too!), so get to it!

We know – we love you too.

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Mocha Dad 26-30 Aug
College Candy 27-31 Aug
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