How Are You Gonna Die? Do You Wanna Know?

There’s certain things in life that you really don’t wanna know, but you kinda, sorta do wanna know. You know what I’m talking about.

Take the calories in a delicious slice of Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake (talk about a mouthful) from The Cheesecake Factory. You know the second the cute waiter tells you that you have just consumed 930 calories of cheesecakey goodness, you are gonna wanna stab your hand with a butter knife. But you know you have to know, so you can calculate how long you’re gonna in the gym tomorrow.

Or what that guy you’re dating is telling his friends about you…and your abilities…when you’re not around. You wanna know, but you really don’t wanna know…but you really want to know.

Well here’s something I still haven’t decided if I want to know: when and how I’m going to die.

Students and researchers at Carnegie Mellon University recently launched a site that is supposed to give you some insight not only on when you will die, but what the possible C.O.D (that’s ’cause of death’ for you non-Law and Order fans) would be.

Kinda morbid, right?

But isn’t there something inside you that kinda sorta really wants to know?

Sure, knowing you’re going to die in a car crash (most likely whilst texting) will leave you a little paranoid/locked in your bedroom for eternity, but perhaps there’s something sort of freeing about it. You can finally splurge on and enjoy that pair of Jimmy Choos you’ve been eyeing, or express your love for that guy you’ve been crushing on forever. I know I’d hop on a plane to Italy and indulge in lots and lots of pizza if I knew it wouldn’t matter if I could fit into my jeans when I got home…

This website is probably as accurate as the weather guys in my town (read: I wore white pants yesterday and got caught in a monsoon) but the idea behind it is definitely something to think about.

Would you want to know?

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