Makeup 101: Fall Scent Preview

Upon receiving my September Vogue, I settled in with my 587-page magazine to read about the excitement of the fall fashion world.  The only problem being that the magazine’s actual writing doesn’t begin until page 207 (no joke).  Luckily, the beautiful ads for Oscar de la Renta, David Yurman and Diane von Furstenberg are more exciting than words could have described.

Oh, if only I could gather the courage to rob a bank. Sigh.

Luckily there were also some ads for the fall’s amazing new perfumes that don’t require me to go all Dark Knight on a neighborhood bank!  No, they aren’t exceptionally cheap, but they are from great designers and smell wonderful. And they last forever, so they really aren’t that expensive in the long run. Besides, it’s about time I accept the reality that it’s nearly fall and put away my “Instant Vacation” perfume.

The new fall scents below are so delicious (and their bottles so adorable!) that the transition into fall will be an easy one. You might even start counting down to it.

Marc Jacobs – Lola: Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume bottle is so pretty it almost doesn’t matter what delicious scent is inside, and the same can be said for his new perfume, Lola.  At first I thought it was a bit over-the-top, but on the right girl it can be simply lovely.  The notes include pear, grapefruit, rose, fuchsia, and geranium.  Right now it is exclusive to Bloomingdales, and is between $65 and $85.  It smells so good and will look so pretty on my dresser that I’m considering the hour-long drive to my nearest Bloomies.

Dolce & Gabanna – 1, 3, 6, 10, and 18.  What happened to the missing numbers, I don’t know, but these five new perfumes from D&G are each represented by a celeb, like Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer.  They are made for men and women and while their bottles may not be something to fawn over, they are clean and simple.  Vogue provided samples of 3 (L’Imperatrice) and 18 (La Lune).  3 was light and florally and 18 was a bit muskier and heavier. Clearly there is something for everyone. The fragrances will be available in September, at which point I might have to invest in a little #3.

Michael Kors – Very Hollywood: The bottle is the epitome of cute and very reminiscent of Elle Woods.  The scent includes notes of jasmine, raspberry, and mandarin, so it seems to be the perfect scent for those of you rocking the fruity summer sprays from Victoria’s Secret.  The perfume also has its own sparkly website displaying a whole slew of other products, including a scented pen.  Take a blue book with that thing and your prof will have no choice but to slap an “A” on that badboy.

Now all I have to do is decide which perfume smells the best…or which will make the best decoration in my new apartment.

CollegeCandy’s “Rock Out With Your Guitar Out” Winner!
CollegeCandy’s “Rock Out With Your Guitar Out” Winner!
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