And Why Can’t My Life Be a Movie Moment?

Forever a dreamer, I have lived through movies. I wanted to change the bad boy like Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions. I wanted a wardrobe like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. And mostly, I wanted to dance my way to sex like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing (and not in the frat party/grinding sorta way).

Keep dreaming, right?

However, after spending lots of time analyzing my favorite movies, I’ve realized that it’s not so hard for the everyday man to create a movie moment in everyday life. Sure, finding a Leonardo DiCaprio to sketch my naked body on a sinking ship might be hard (and not ideal considering the ending), but many of the most romantic gestures in movies aren’t so hard to manage, even without a script:

Kiss me and dip in a public spot: While most couples may become accustomed to the “Good-bye, see you later” peck, it is not really that difficult to kiss a girl for longer than a millisecond and bring in some impromptu passion. Although I personally hated Berger from Sex and the City, there is this great scene where he says to Carrie “We need a movie moment kiss” and then dips her in front of a museum or a library or some other spot where people are bound to swoon at this chivalrous man. Movie moment that takes about 5 seconds and leaves you breathless for the next hour? Not so hard.

Arrange to kiss in the rain: Next time there is a thunderstorm, don’t arrange to be in bed (just yet) watching a movie. Rather, drag me outside to kiss me in the rain. This becomes even more movie-like if we’ve just had a fight and are making up in the rain (but I don’t suggest starting a fight just to create a movie moment – I’m not that crazy). Besides it can only lead to one of two things: either a hot shower (hopefully together) to warm up, or fantastic sex where we rip each other’s wet clothes off of each other…both of which are also great movie moments.

Throw me up against a wall and make out. Seriously: For the greatest of sex scenes, think The Notebook. How hot would it be to walk into a party, look for your guy, and all of the sudden feel those hands on you that push you up against a wall and have to kiss you then and there? So long as he’s not too violent with it, moves like that totally get both of your hearts racing, and again, probably take about 10 seconds to complete. There’s nothing hotter than knowing that you have to have somebody right then and there, so if you’re the kind of person who isn’t into impromptu sex in a broom closet, this move will totally turn a girl on without embarrassing you both if you get caught.

Do cute things without being told to: One of my friends is just blessed with that gene that makes him plan surprise dates for his girlfriend every month or so. He leaves notes under her pillow, he plans surprise picnics, he doesn’t tell her where they’re going, and he gives her flowers for no reason. A lot of this stuff doesn’t cost much, but it’s so nice to see that your guy is thinking about you. Things like bringing each other coffee when you are stressed, popping over with Chinese food, and coming by just to say hi all take minimal effort but get maximum appreciation points. It’s not that girls want loads of money spent on them, we just want proof that the guys are thinking about us since we spend so much brainpower on them. Cute things are often relatively easy and will always earn a man brownie points.

Stay in contact: Leave a message telling your girl that you were thinking about her. If you’re at the library, text her saying you would rather be with her than with your books. Of course she can assume this, but it’s always nice to hear. Again, the little things go a long way, and then she can swoon to her friends about how much her guy appreciates her.

If you have other great moments that are easy to replicate in reality, share ’em here! Then we can all pass this link on to the men in our lives and have our own real-life romantic movie moments.

My Life As An Army Girlfriend
My Life As An Army Girlfriend
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