Lusting for Lush Cosmetics

The first time I heard about Lush cosmetics I blew it off as an expensive Bath and Body Works. Little did I know, I would become a fanatical Lush fan. Earlier this summer, for a “just because I love you” present, my boyfriend sent me a huge package of Lush products. (He’s cute, I know.)  And now I’ve found something I love more than him: anything and everything Lush.

Although I have fallen in love with Lush’s unique products and packaging, it is the company’s goals and mission that keeps me coming back (and spending the extra cash).

They make it their business to use fresh ingredients, make the products by hand (how many places actually do this anymore?), not partake in animal testing, and protect the planet by making the products ‘green’ or vegetarian/vegan friendly. With minimal preservatives in their products, I have truly been refreshed by the products I have tried and I believe that using fresh products like seaweed and avocados has made a difference in the way these bath bombs and gels work.

Buying cosmetics is important to every girl, but in the current state of the economy, spending money on lavish products may seem silly. However, with a company promising to help the environment and its customers with the freshest and hand-made products, dishing out the extra few bucks is worth it… especially when it comes to these guys:

Shampoo Bars: This is probably my all-time favorite beauty invention. Instead of traditional liquid shampoos, these bars come in a circular form and all you have to do is lather the bar in between your hands and then apply it to your hair. Want direct contact? Just rub it on your scalp, and prepare for the suds to take over. Although each bar is 1.9 oz for $9.45 (a little steep, especially in this economy), I promise that they last over and over again (if you follow directions and don’t keep them submerged in water). According to Lush, these bars last “for around 80 washes, saving three plastic bottles along the way.”

My personal favorite is Karma Komba, which is supposed to help prevent tangles, but other bars work for other reasons like the Soak and Float which protects against dandruff and the Hard Solid Shampoo which is made for those that live in “hard water areas.” If you have to try one Lush product, I would recommend this more than anything else. Not into the bars? Lush also has liquid shampoos and conditioners available.

Bath Bombs: Lush is probably best known for its bath bombs, which come in two sizes (big and bigger). For example, there is the Big Blue bath bomb (6.3 oz) and the Big Big Blue bath bomb (28.2 oz). Either size is perfect to cut and divide up into a few baths, no need to use the whole bomb all at once. Once these amazing balls hit the water, your bath will explode into a sizzle of fizz and scent. Colorful and creative, each bomb has its own personality. With the Big Blue bath bomb, seaweed makes its way out of the ball and turns your bath into an instant ocean, while the Supernova bath bomb turns your bath into a party, complete with confetti.

Lush has a variety of bath bombs, so finding one that fits your mood or personality will be no problem. Unlike other bath bombs, Lush has a scent that will linger and stay long after the water is down the drain, and it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth beyond comparison to other similar products. Although these innovative bath time products make a dip in the tub extra fun, the only downside is that the seaweed, confetti, or other special ingredient may clog the drain.

Buttercreams: According to the Lush website, “Buttercreams are a luxurious blend of 15% soap – enough to get you clean but not make masses of lather – and 85% natural, skin-softening butters, glycerine, plant infusions and essential oils.” Although buttercreams can be used in the shower or the bath, it is best to use them cold. Put them in the fridge or the freezer and before getting in the shower or bath, cut a small chunk off and prepare yourself to be pampered. My only qualm with the buttercreams is that the scents like Heavenly Bodies, which is aimed at chocolate lovers, or Ring of Roses, which is covered in rose petals, doesn’t stay and the creamy, softness promised rubs off fast.

And these products are just a few of the extensive Lush product line. Want the most unforgettable bath that will actually keep its bubbles and scent an hour into it? Go for a Bubble Bar. Sick of the same old perfume? Try one of the company’s solid perfumes, which come in lip balm type pots. Guys, want to plan a special evening for your girlfriend? Get a massage bar and give her the spa treatment yourself. From body lotions to shaving creams to solid soaps, there is something for everybody. And with vibrant colors and clever names, shopping at Lush (whether in one of its stores or online)  will be a unique cosmetics shopping experience.

Move over Bath and Body Works, Lush is definitely here to stay!

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