Countdown to College: It’s (Almost) Here!

In a couple of days, I will be leaving for college for the first time. No big deal, right?

Try telling that to my wobbly knees and trembling hands.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m totally excited about going to college. But, at the same time, I’m nervous as hell. My type A personality is rearing its ugly head in the form of innumerable “what ifs” and “holy sh*ts.” While most of my friends have been counting down the days with New Year’s Eve-esque anticipation, I’ve put a 24-hour ban on talking about college in my house and can hardly look at my suitcase without having a mini-freak out.

For me, it’s a combination of doubts, fears, and just plain nostalgia. Going to college is a huge deal for me, perhaps more so than it is for many of my peers. It’s my first time being away from home for longer than a five week stretch, and since I’m generally a homebody and have a very close relationship with my family, the idea of going from seeing them every day to seeing them once every few weeks is hard to deal with. Plus, I have the general anxieties that I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling: coping with the workload and stress, making new friends, living on my own.

That being said, I’m also very excited for the new opportunities ahead of me. I know that, once I get settled in, I’ll find my niche and have the best four years of my life. It may take a couple of weeks, but I’ll find my place eventually.

Do you current college students and grads have any advice for an anxious prefrosh?

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