Wardrobe Wish List: Bomber Jacket

I freakin’ love fall. It is absolutely, 100% the best season for fashion. The knee-high boots? The patterned tights? The cardigans? The Pumpkin Spice Lattes that come out tomorrow? (Ok, so that’s not fashion but I’m counting down the minutes!!) I can barley contain myself as I drool through catalogs and wander through boutiques in a lust-induced haze.

Every year there’s that one item I MUST add to my closet (even if it means living on Ramen for the next month to afford it). Despite the fact that my shopping addiction has my closet filled to the brim, I always justify the need for a new piece by the “school shopping” tradition instilled in me since elementary school. You have to have some new stuff to start the school year, right?

So this year I will undoubtedly break down (most likely sooner rather than later, I’ll get more wear out of it!), rush into Express and snatch up their Leather Belted Jacket. It is so adorable it hurts. The soft faux-leather (which allows it to fit comfortably into my budget at $98.00 and spare the life of a poor, defenseless cow) is painfully cool and the chic knotted belt around the waist that gives it that feminine twist. And you can’t get any more on point with the fall trends; it basks in all of its bad-ass glory with silver-zippered pockets.

The best part? It can be worn with absolutely anything! I can slip it on with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans for an instantly put together party look or add some edge to one of my girly summer dresses by throwing it over top and slipping on some tights and flats for class.

I can already smell the fresh (p)leather hanging perfectly in my closet, and if I cut my Starbucks Latte out for about 2 weeks (after the initial pumpkin treat, obvi) I’ll rack up enough dough to buy it!

I’m Torn: The Zoe Report
I’m Torn: The Zoe Report
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