Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Vinyl Wall Art

A few weeks ago, I packed up everything I own into a compact yellow truck and drove halfway across the country to unload it all and dump it in a new place. I started fantasizing about decorating ideas for my new pad long before I got here (like on the million-hour drive), and one of the things I was most into was vinyl wall art. It’s unique, it’s removable and it’s just pretty damn sweet, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want a a pretty peacock, an intimidating toilet seat (on Etsy, of course), or some gorgeous bamboo trees adorning their walls.

But at $30-$150+ a pop, all I could afford were sad little 6″ tall animals, and I wasn’t about to shell out a bundle for something I was pretty sure I could do myself.

Turns out I could! And it’s even easier and cheaper than I thought. These wall-art companies must be fleecing people! Stop them by doing it all yourself.

Here’s what you need:
– Scissors
– Clear tape (optional)
– A marker
– Self-adhesive vinyl ConTact paper (Note: This is cheap and available by the yard in a variety of colors at almost all hardware stores.)

And here’s what you do:

1. Plan your design or designs before you start cutting. When you know what you want, draw a rough outline on the back of the ConTact paper. My flower is symmetrical, but if you have something asymmetrical, make sure to draw it REVERSED to how you want it to show up on the wall. Example: If you want your leaf sticking out to the left, draw it sticking out to the right on your ConTact paper.

2. Cut out your design.

3. Find a nice spot on the wall and GRADUALLY peel away the paper as you stick on the design. It will become complicated and stick to itself if you peel off all the paper before putting on the design.

4. Step back and admire your artistry.

For a few more details, larger-scale art, and mind-blowing pictures, check out this Instructable on the same topic.

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