Which is Bigger: The Duggar Family or Their Mom’s Vajay?

For all of you out there who aren’t obsessed wtih TLC programming like me, let me introduce you to Michelle Duggar, who gave birth to her 18th child 8 months ago.

Yeah, 18. And if that’s not ridonk enough, she’s now expecting her 19th.

I’ve got one word for this madness: holyeffingsh*t.

Naturally, I also have a whole slew of questions.

I mean, I know the Duggars are extremely conservative and religious, but isn’t 19 children just a bit extreme? And haven’t they run out of names yet? What “J” name is left for #19? Jesus? And just how large is Mrs. Duggar’s pikachu these days? Is this new baby just going to fall out of there?

And why on earth does any family need 19 kids? Are you trying to start your own football team? State? Church? Traveling band?

Oh, and when exactly do these Duggars find the time for all this baby making? And what are they eating to be so damn horny? Does Daddy Duggar get turned on by pulling on Mama Duggar’s extremely long hair? (What? Inquiring minds want to know!) Speaking of which, what is with all that hair!?

I am just so enthralled by this family. I can’t figure them out. Maybe it’s the twenty-something-birth-control-fiend in me, but I just don’t understand.

As a wise woman once said: This sh*t is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

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