Some Guys DO Know How To Dress!

When I walk into class every morning in my carefully planned outfit, complete with meticulously-matched accessories, it really disappoints me to see all the boys looking – how shall I put this? – less than stellar. If Cher was not expected to swoon over baggy pants and a backwards cap, than neither am I. Nor should I melt for crusty armpit stains, shower sandals (and long, nasty toenails), or eye boogers that have yet to be removed.

After living on a college campus and experiencing countless pairs of basketball shorts paired with mac-and-cheese-stained hoodies, I had completely lost hope that boys know how to dress.

And then I saw this.

Esquire magazine went on a hunt to find the best dressed guys in the country. Not guys who have been made over, but guys who know fashion and wear pants without an elastic waistband it well. While some of these boys are a bit too buttoned up for me, it is moments like this that restore my faith in men.

Some guys do know how to dress. And some guys do plan their ensembles instead of picking them up off the floor and sniffing them to see if they are clean.

Why guys like this aren’t roaming my campus I’ll never know, but it’s heart (and loin) warming to see that there are guys out there who put a little thought into their daily ensembles. Yes, even college boys.

Dan Trepanier, call me!

Update Your Wardrobe For Back To School Season
Update Your Wardrobe For Back To School Season
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