Where (and How) To Meet The Single Guys

Every magazine we’ve ever read since childhood has spouted off Top 10 lists of where to meet men (yeah, I’m pretty sure Highlights even touched on that subject).  At this point in my life, the potential places to meet men have been pounded into my head.  Yet, I still have some issues actually getting a dude.

What am I doing wrong?

These magazines that direct us toward sports bars and dog parks are leaving out a major detail – what to do when you’re actually near a high concentration of testosterone.  It’s not enough to just saunter into the Apple store and expect any and all men to fall at your feet, begging for your phone number (and besides, that only happens when I go to ComicCon).  You have to be able to work it and divert your target’s attention away from whatever tempted him away from his XBox in the first place.  I mean, it can get pretty difficult to strike up a conversation with a guy during a spin class (it can also be pretty hard to breath during a spin class).

So, to help you out, we’ve decided to take the best of the man-heavy locations and give you suggestions as to how to utilize them effectively.

The Market – Obviously, if you’re at the market, you’re already in the mindset of a discerning shopper.  You have an eye for freshness, quality, and price.  Why not apply that to the men as well?  Especially if they’re loitering in your favorite section (whether that be the ice-cream aisle or the cookie aisle…).  Stand a few feet away from the dude, consider the selection, and make a random comment, perhaps about the sad rise in prices of your favorite breakfast cereal.  If he picks up the cue, you’ve got an in.

Political Rally – I’m slightly skeptical about this one.  After all, people who go to political rallies are there to…rally.  Not flirt.  But! Since emotions will be flying high and people will be jumping, screaming, and knocking into each other, I think there might be some potential here.  Since you’re both probably on the same political grounds, throw out an opinion about the candidate/cause for which you’re rallying.  See if you can’t get him into a debate…over dinner and drinks.

The Gym – Ah, the classic man-tastic spot.  Who doesn’t feel like a winner after a sweaty half-hour on the treadmill (in sweatpants with no make-up, of course)?  Sweat stains aside, you can’t exactly ambush a dude during a kick boxing class.  So, my tip is the water cooler.  Most gyms have a water station (or towel station, apple station, etc.) and when you’re both taking a break, you can shoot a smile his way and compliment the body for which he’s worked so hard.  That is, once you’ve caught your breath (from the exercise, not his amazing body…or both).

Home Depot – It makes sense that a lot of dudes would be all up in the Home Depot.  I even like it, once I get over the initial shock of being around so many instruments of death and destruction (I don’t like hammers).  I guess this would be the place to play the “damsel in distress” card if you can.  “Oh, I can’t reach that electric saw two stories above me! Can you help me?” is a completely appropriate pick-up line.  So is making suggestive pantomimes with a tape-measure (j/k…sort of).

University Coffee Shop – This is really a no-brainer.  The selection of guys grows exponentially the closer you are to any university (except, perhaps, an all-girls university).  As we all know, there’s almost nowhere better to find them all grouped together than in the local coffee shop (except the bars…and the cafeterias).  Hit it around exam week (make sure to bring your own books), offer to buy a cutie a cup of joe to supplement his studying and then commence the traditional exam week complaints.  Set a date for after you both finish with exams.  That way, you’ll have something to live for after you fail that chemistry final.

Steak House – Initially, this sounded like a horrible idea.  What could be uglier than a chick sitting by herself at a steak house and scarfing a massive slab of meat?  But, you can make this work.  Grab some friends, maybe pre-game a little, and show up without a reservation.  That way you  have some time to stand around and survey the possibilities.  Lock on a target and try to bump into him when he gets up.  Discuss the glories of red meat and other activities you both enjoy.  Done deal.  Dateness.

*Disclaimer:  These aren’t guarantees.  I’d actually be hella surprised if I tried any of these and they worked for me.  Be fun to try though, right?

Ooh, Ooh, It’s (Not) Magic!
Ooh, Ooh, It’s (Not) Magic!
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