Makeup 101: Tarte Makeup For All!

I have a love/hate relationship with Sephora. I love walking through there and playing with all the makeup, but I hate how there is just so much. How am I supposed to know which brand is best? Which one looks best on my skin? Which mascara is worth $45 and why is that better than my $6 mascara at home?

It’s all quite overwhelming.

And that’s why I choose my friends based on how good their makeup looks. Ok, so that’s not (totally) true, but I do depend on my friends to guide me in the direction of quality products for my face. When they tell me they love a product or brand I trust them, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Most recently, a friend of mine started going on and on (and on) about Tarte cosmetics. I knew nothing about them, but after spending an hour with this girl (of which, only 5 minutes were not spent talking about Tarte), I decided to take the brand for a test run myself. I ordered some of their most popular products online (it seems that various beauty editors are quite enamored as well) and tried them out.

And let me just say – I am addicted. Like seriously addicted. Not only are the products super high quality, but they are completely natural, healthy and earth friendly as well! I’m a major recycling dork (I even reuse Ziploc bags….) so that is something that is really important to me.

Anyways, I tried out a bunch of things, but here are my all-time favorite Tarte products:

Natural Cheek Stain: It’s a fun little stick that you just sort of sweep on your cheek and blend in. And you can’t mess it up; you get plenty of time to perfect it before the stain dries, meaning no ugly streaks or clown cheeks. I use Flush and it gives me that perfect rosy color that comes after a good, hard laugh. It’s perfect.

fRxtion Natural Sugar Exfoliator & Lip Balm Duo: I tend to breathe through my mouth when I sleep, which means loud snoring really nasty lips in the morning. I used to just load up on the lip balms to smooth my pucker, but then I found this lip balm/natural exfoliator thingy. There is a soothing lip balm on one side and a sugar scrub on the other that gets rid of all that dry lip skin and makes your lips taste sweet like sugar. Oh, and it comes with a mirror attached to the case so you can apply this stuff anywhere. If that’s not genius I don’t know what is.

Be Good To Your Mother Earth 24/7 Natural Lip Sheers: This is my all-time favorite beauty product ever. Three tinted lip sheers (all different, all fab) and an adorable reusable tote for lugging home those groceries or toting those books to class. The lip sheers are perfect for girls like me who want a little color on their smoocher but aren’t into bright/bold lip sticks. Plus, they are SPF 15, which means your lips are protected all day long. I use these every single day and I can’t even tell you how many compliments (read: boys trying to kiss me) I’ve received.

I love Tarte…and it seems that Tarte loves us, because they are giving all CollegeCandy readers 25% off their entire purchase at for the entire month of September. Just type in “COLLEGECANDY” at checkout and you can take home these or any of their ridiculously awesome products for cheap.

Natural, eco-friendly, fabulous and cheap? Be still my (Tarte) heart.

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