TV Hotties We’d Totally Do Now

Our elementary school days were filled with lazy after-school sessions of TV surfing; all those wholesome family shows chock full of life lessons, physical comedy and a happy ending. We were addicted to the Full House family and all the hilarious mishaps of Tim the Tool Man Taylor. We couldn’t wait to see who Joey Potter chose each week on Dawson’s Creek and, though we’d never admit it, we even tuned in to see what crazy villain the Power Rangers took down every Saturday.

We were innocent little children soaking up the entertainment.

But we’re not so innocent anymore. Now we’re hormone raging college girls and, looking back, our favorite childhood shows were overflowing with serious male hotness. Hotness that we’d like to go back in time and get naughty with… if we had a DeLorean.

If I had these sort of inappropriate thoughts back in the day, my mother never would have let me watch Family Matters alone in my room.

Ryder Strong on Boy Meets World

He is the quintessential bad boy. Rocky childhood, from the “other side of the tracks,” rebelling all through school. How can we resist? We love his unpredictable antics and how he cleaned up his act and made his way to college. We’d throw a couple spitballs at Feeney to land a spot right under him in after school detention.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement

That raspy voice, the almost too-perfect-to-be-true dreamboat face of his, the long rugged (almost mullet-y) blonde hair, and that freakin’ smile that melts us into a puddle in front of the TV set. If I knew then what I know now, I’d totally have shacked up with this one in his scary basement bedroom.

Stephan (Steve Urkels smokin’ alter ego on Family Matters)

We’re not going to lie – when Urkel stepped into that machine and came out Stephan we might have wet ourselves a little. It was pee pee back then, but I can’t say the same thing for now.

Steve on Full House

He was so dopey, we were embarrassed for him. But as long as he keeps his mouth shut, I’m all for that voluminous, wavy hair and strong chin. When we watch the big break up scene now (yeah, we watch the reruns every day), we are screaming for him to rebound right into our wide-open legs arms.

Pacey from Dawson’s Creek

No matter how hard he tried, things never seemed to go his way; we feel for Pacey and would like to console him by gifting him our bodies. The caring, sensitive guy, masked under a tough, sarcastic exterior gets us every time. Joey’s a wet noodle, Pacey; your perfect woman is right over here.

Tommy Oliver, aka The Green Ranger

He looked damn good in that green spandex and he would kick ass for his woman anytime. Those broad shoulders, the slicked back pony tail…I’d like to do a little Mighty Morphing with him. Go Go Power Rangers!

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