Budget Stylista: These Boots Are Meant for Fabulosity

fall boots intro copySo you know how last week I said the essential item for fall on campus is an oversized, throw-on-anywhere-and-go cardigan?

Well, I lied.

Fact is, aside from the essential cardigan there are a few other essentials that should be stashed in your dorm room (and no, I’m not talking about your birth control or condoms… although those are probably just as important, unless you like to frequent drugstores for awkward encounters with pregnancy tests and Plan B boxes).

Where was I? Oh yeah – boots.

A great pair of fall boots may even rival the essential-ness of a great cardigan. Pair the two together and – shazam! – you’ve got yourself one fabulous looking outfit, even if what’s underneath resembles a burlap sack or something out of Heidi Montag’s closet. The great thing about tall riding boots (combined with a long cardigan or top) is that they can turn leggings into acceptable pants (key word here being long top – I don’t need to see your jelly shaking on my walk to class with my morning latte), and we all know the benefit of not being stuck  in a 3 hour lecture in too-tight jeans and our muffin top spilling over onto our crush’s lap.

Un.comfort.able on all levels.

Boots also prevent the awful wet socks in the winter time, are comfortable to walk around campus, and make the hungover-hot-mess look you could have going on look instantly chic and pulled together. Can Uggs do that? I think NOT.

Bottom line: Boots are a must have, but usually muy caro (that’s spanish for really expensive.  See mom! I did sort of pay attention in High School!). Here are some affordable options that cut back on the price but not on the style.

I l-o-v-e these options:

delias boots 1 delias boots 2

lulus boots 1 lulus boots2urban suede urban 2

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